The Cherry Post No.209 + 210 | What Do You Call A Group Of Raccoons?

The Cherry Post No.209 + 210 | What Do You Call A Group Of Raccoons?

Hello all to a double Cherry Post!

I start off by reminding you amazing people, if you subscribe to the Bonfire Banter Podcast before June 30th you will be entered into a giveaway to win a free Bonfirecherry tote bag or a notebook made by Dene, my fellow co-host. Subscribe the post via the form on this link here.

With that out of the way, lets get into what Bonfirecherry has been up to the past 2 weeks!



Let’s go back to last Tuesday when I printed the custom Raccoon design I produced the week prior, that I decided to call Kanjuro onto a tote bag. I might have to add this design to the Bonfirecherry Shop in the future!

Episode 30 of the Bonfire Banter Podcast went live last week, Me and Dene talk about the important principles you need to know when running multiple social media counts. You can listen to the episode via The Great Shows here.



You know the Photography project I took part in early this year? I got the pictures a few days ago, what do you think?

On Thursday I got around to making some Kanjuro badges, it’s been awhile since I went into the kitchen to make some. Check out the video above to watch how that went.

I didn’t return to print work til Saturday but only briefly due to personal events I attended last Friday which took my attention away from Bonfirecherry but decided to some briefly on Saturday morning to get my mind off things. So I got around to do a small bit in printmaking in the Bonfirecherry print shed which involved printing some drawstring bags and a few a6 prints.

Now til this Tuesday, episode 31 of the podcast has gone live on The Great Shows, Spotify, Google Podcast & iTunes where me and Dene talk about how Tik Tok and Snapchat can be used for business. Give it a listen here.


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15 > 30 > 45 > 55

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The rest of Tuesday was a very busy day,  thankfully the rest of the Kanjuro custom work was finished part two a few things. The first was print 55 A6 prints, this roughly took about 2 hours to do.



Awhile later, I painted a silver border around all 55 of the prints which took a further 2 hours!



I just had to cut down the print I produced last week down to a size that the customer want and then I started to gift wrap everything produced for the order.



It’s been awhile since I gift wrapped a big order but it’s always fun!

I think that’s everything for this double Cherry Post, something to look forward to next week is that Bonfire Banter Podcast episodes with Katie from Dotty and Dash will start to go live!

Thank you for reading!


PS. A group of Raccoons is called a Gaze, who knew.

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