The Cherry Post No.207 | Under A New Light (BBP Special Part 2)

The Cherry Post No.207 | Under A New Light (BBP Special Part 2)

Hello all to part 2 of a special Cherry Post talking about the Bonfire Banter Podcast!

I start off with some really great news, if you been following the Cherry Posts throughout the year or watched the sorting out the Bonfirecherry Print Shed videos on youtube, you will know that the tube light I’ve got in the shed went around 4 months ago, I’ve been using 2 lamps instead for lighting which can be noticed in last weeks CP about the BBP test pics.



Well after some wait, last Friday I finally managed to get a professional fix the light in the shed (the actual light itself was broken which was attached to the shed which I couldn’t do anything about) which made me so happy!

The amazing day continued as I went back into the Bonfirecherry Print Shed in evening because me and Dene was going to record new Bonfire Banter Podcast content!

After we done the test we did on Wednesday, which you can find about by checking out last week’s CP here, we knew how to record under a new format.



We started off talking about our trip to Japan last year (find the vblogs from the trip at the Bonfirecherry Youtube channel or search the blogs on here) for the pre-show of episode 23.

After talking about Japan, we moved onto our first episode since April 2019 where we talked about tote bags, we mentioned some replies we got about totes from twitter to help get people involved. She stuck to last years change to the format, which was making sure that episodes were below 10  minutes so easier to listen to!

Episode 24 was our “current situation” (aka the C word) and how it is effecting businesses at the moment.

We ended the recording session with Episode 25 which was about the “current situation” and how it is effecting crafts etc

Overall the first recording session in over a year went very well even though we are in two different places!

Because of the length of the new episodes, the pre-show for Episode 23 went live on Monday (listen here) and Episode 23 went live on Tuesday (listen here)!


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New #Bonfirebanter #podcast banner!

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We updated details and pictures on TheGreatShows and on the banner we use to promote our podcast.

I hope you can check out the new content and commenting down below on what you think. I think that’s everything for this post, thanks for reading!


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