The Cherry Post No.206 | Under A New Format (BBP Special Part 1)

The Cherry Post No.206 | Under A New Format (BBP Special Part 1)

Hello all to this two part special of the Cherry Post!

Recently due to our current situation I’ve decided to put Bonfirecherry on hold and focusing on bringing back the Bonfire Banter Podcast, which I co-host as Bonfirecherry. Because of that I’ve decided that I can briefly continue the Cherry Post, talking about the BBP instead of BC.

Anyway, me and Dene were planning the return of the Bonfire Banter Podcast before the current situation but continued to work on the return under a new format.

I’ve been using Zoom for awhile for chats and why not record episodes using that instead of going around to Dene’s office which we were doing before, which we can’t do at the moment.


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Before that, I’ve had to spend a few weeks investing in podcasting equipment of my own which was interesting receiving in the post and setting up in the shed. The important things out of the lot for me was the soundproofing boards which I had fun putting around the Bonfirecherry Print shed which was an old PE shed and makes it look cool. The other was the podcasting microphone for obvious reasons.

After a few things, we came up with some episode ideas which we learnt from our last recording session which was all the way in April 2019, how time flies!

I managed to sort out any audio issues I had while recording in the shed before on Wednesday night we done a test recording session using zoom, you will see/hear me talk about this in the youtube video that will go live on Saturday.

Overall the test went very well!

Next week’s special Cherry Post is going to be about us recording new episodes!

Thanks for reading 😊


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