The Cherry Post No.204 + 205 | Well... Didn't See That Coming!

Hello all to a double Cherry Post, likely to be the last one published for the time being due our current situation.

That aside, there is some fun creative stuff I can talk about to you amazing people!



The first important thing to talk about first is Part 8 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews is now live!

Going back two weeks to Friday 13th March, I produced a few different tote bag designs for The Galleria in Burton Latimer & Wollaston Home + Craft which you can see above.



I continued the day by heading into town, first to meet up with one of best friends, Dene who I co-host the Bonfire Banter Podcast with. We were planning the return of said podcast but you can probably guess why that’s not happening for a while now.

I did have the first Northampton Creative Meetup of 2020 at the Zapato lounge, it was really fun. I took a lot of pictures from the night on my instant film camera which I have been using a lot recently. I show them off in last week’s youtube video that you can watch above!

Its another thing I have had to give a huge think about recent the end of last week with our “current situation”. But after some thought, it’s been pretty simple to do another alternative which I came up with the day before this post goes live.

The alternative is the option becoming very popular at the moment, doing an online meetup instead. I will talk more about this next week!

At the start of last week, I received two big boxes through the boxes which were some mounted picture frames I ordered the week before.

Why mounted picture frames?


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They were for Wollaston Home and Craft, I went back into the Bonfirecherry print shed to print some designs for the wonderful shop.



On Tuesday I travelled to The Galleria at Burton Latimer to drop off some tote bags and re-arrange a few things. What do you think?


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Any guesses what @tiabryantphoto is doing? 🤔

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Thurday brought me a visit from Tia Bryant, a talented photographer from Coventry!

Tia (who is now the third photographer to visit Bonfirecherry) was doing an interesting photography project which I thought I take part in.

In Tia’s own words “I will be shooting with a camera that I have made myself out of a hydroponic grow tent (unconventional I know!). The tent in comprised of a lens, made from a magnifying glass and contains a darkroom inside. I'm not sure how much you know about darkroom developing, but it's using light sensitive paper and chemicals (these chemicals aren't harmful at all so no worries there!)  I develop all of my images whilst inside the tent; depending on lighting, exposure time is roughly 5 - 10 seconds, and then it takes about 5 minutes to develop the negative, and then a further 5 minutes to make a positive from the neg”.

Tia wasn’t going to fit the tent inside the Bonfirecherry print shed so during the week I tidied up the garden, I even made a creative backdrop using a bit of old fence which I covered in paint.

But the day Tia and her boyfriend turned up, it decided to the rain, how typical is that? Haha



We still went along with the project, I took some pictures above, I do have a vblog in the works!

Last Friday was the last time I have done something Bonfirecherry related with our “current situation”.

The first was tidying up the Bonfirecherry print shed ahead of Facebook livestream where I added a picture from Tia’s project from the day before, covered the framed prints in bubble wrap that I had sorted a space for and then tidied the table.

The Facebook livestream went OK, it was the first one I done in quite some time.

I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, I am not sure when the next post will be published!

I have been very lucky in our "current situation" that alongside Bonfirecherry, I work in a supermarket bakery so I count as a "key worker" so I'm ok putting BC on hold to focus on blogging for the time being til the situation gets back to normal.



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