The Cherry Post No.203 | Custom Cupcakes

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post!

I start the post off talking about a journey to Wollaston, my second time driving out of Northampton in 2 years in the same week!
Why was I traveling to Wollaston? It was because of Wollaston Home and Craft.
I go into the further reasons why in last weeks youtube video which you can watch here 😊!
So, you can now buy Bonfirecherry work in person at Wollaston Home and Craft & The Galleria in Burton Latimer!
A lot of the work mentioned at the places above can only be found there framed as I don’t sell my work mounted and framed online due to the risks of it breaking through the post (it did happen the times I did do that for a customer) because there is no 100% guarantee of it being OK when the customer receives it.
The weekend was very creative as I produced 3 custom designs for a client!
I really liked how the anime character, dragon and guitar inspired designs came out, I might have to keep a few copies nearby possibly for the shops mentioned earlier!
On Monday it was fun gift wrapping the prints and sending them off to South Africa.
After sorting out the order I went through my lino to find the designs that I know for sure I will never use again because I will be donating them for a good cause that I will go into in the upcoming months.
Tuesday continued the creativity where I produced another custom design for a fashion blogger based on a yummy cupcake, I’ve been very lucky as all the custom designs I’ve mentioned came out perfect on its first print which is great.
Why hasn’t Bonfirecherry been talking much about the print shed as of late? I explain it in this weeks youtube video!
The day this post goes live, in the evening I will be hosting this year’s Northampton Creative Meet-Up, been quite some time since the last one I hosted early 2019!
I think that’s everything for this weeks post, thanks for reading!

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