The Cherry Post No.202 | Oooh What A Week!

The Cherry Post No.202 | Oooh What A Week!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

It has been such a great and wonderful week that I’m going to enjoy talking about it all!



I start off going all the way back to last Friday, for the past few months I’ve been thinking about putting some Bonfirecherry prints in art/craft/gift shops and all a sudden I thought I do something about it. I first done my research by looking around, there are 2 popular shops around Northampton town, Vintage Guru and Vintage Retreat. I did have some prints from Bonfirecherry in Vintage Retreat in 2015, I have sent a trader request for there so waiting to hear back (at the time of posting this, still nothing).

Vintage Guru is the most popular, which would be the ideal choice but there is another linocut printmaker in there, different style to me so has put me off, nothing against the business it just doesn't feel right for me thats all.

I got some recommendations for The Galleria in Burton Latimer and a shop in Wollaston which I will reveal in next weeks post, I contacted both with both shops being really interested in having some Bonfirecherry Prints in their establishments.


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Going through old designs

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So with those pieces of good news, I looked through copies of prints I’ve produced over the years that I keep in various places around the house and shed.



While I was looking through prints dating back to 2013 to now, I had a busy weekend with orders at the Bonfirecherry Shop for some totes which made happy alongside a big custom project that you will see next week.



On Sunday I headed out to a wholesale shop near where I live to buy a bulk load of frames for The Galleria and the shop in Wollaston. It took a whole Sunday afternoon to frame all the prints I decided on, including some rare A6 designs that will only be available at these shops.

It was on Monday that I had everything ready for trip to The Galleria at Burton Latimer, which I had plan to visit the day after. It was on that day I started to record this weeks youtube video, that you will have to wait til tomorrow to watch as it won’t be finished til the day this post goes live!

Tuesday was an interesting day, not just because it was the day I would be traveling to The Galleria at Burton Latimer, but because it was my first time driving by myself out of Northampton. It was pretty easy to find The Galleria as it was located on it's high street with an entrance that stands out.



Located inside this wonderful business (not getting paid to say any of this) was a place filled with amazing products ranging from all things arty to all things vintage with a great space ast the back for workshops and such!

I was given a cool location for my products on the stairs which you can see for this weeks post picture and above, I think the location quirky and alright :). I am looking forward to returning to Burton Latimer in the future, possibly to host a workshop? 



When I returned home, I worked on another custom order and started to prepare some extra prints for the Wollaston shop. Originally planned to go there the day after but had a change of plans, I still wanted to get everything sorted out though.


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That's my first order to Spain sent 😊

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Wednesday started off but sending Bonfirecherry’s first order to Spain, Bonfirecherry can send it’s products to anywhere in the world!



I then travelled to town to have lunch at The Matchbox Café, where I met up with Kathy from Handy Creatives to discus an interesting project together, I won’t reveal what but I can say it involves lino but not the ways you would think.

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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It is difficult for small businesses to get started these days, you have worked hard to get where you are, sit back and reap the rewards. Well done

Jackie Moloney

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