The Cherry Post No.200 + 201 | Fun & Creative

The Cherry Post No.200 + 201 | Fun & Creative

Hello all to this week’s double Cherry Post!

You have noticed this already but I start off talking about it anyway, 2 weeks ago I produced some new designs that you can see on the front page of

I got inspired by this video relating to One Piece, one of Bonfirecherry’s inspirations (there is a youtube video going live tomorrow that explains everything) because of the combination between a black and white which I could do with lino and a wonderful watercolour background similar to what I have  been doing recently, I’ve really fallen in love with the creative combination of the two art forms.

I hope to produce more in the future!

I updated the front page of such as updating the first image you see, advertise the new designs, update the embedded youtube video and remove the Instagram feed as it won’t work from next week because of changes Instagram made recently.


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Just being sad at @matchboxcafenorthampton lol

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Last Friday I thought I get out of the house and have a visit to Northampton town. I first visited Matchbox Café for breakfast, had a lovely vegetarian breakfast with an amazing rhubard and custard white hot chocolate, I thought I get a silly selfie out of it too 😉 I know I say this a lot but it’s good to support local small businesses.

After filling myself up on a lovely  breakfast, I walked around town for a bit to visit the pop-up shop that Q Space Northampton had for a short time.



I believe the pop-up shop was only open for a week and Q Space Northampton used the shop to go into the LGBTQ history in Northampton which was rather interesting. There was a space at the back to relax, in the middle of shop there was seating and tables where you can design and produce you own badges. There was a variety of items you could purchase with proceeds going to charity such as badges to diversity badges which I bought, see those above. Find out more about Q Space Northampton here.

Linking to LGBTQ, I was the book for Transgender at the most recent Human Library project, check out last weeks blog post where I go into that in detail here.

This week has been fun as til the 29th February I am doing an offer here at where I am offering a free random gift with all orders and free worldwide shipping.




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When I was gift wrapping an order this morning

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Did attract an order, where I finally got around to using a lot of the stationery I purchased from Takayama, Japan last year such cute washi tape and quirky sticky notes.

Cute hey?

Youtube wise, I’ve decided to stop unboxing videos as they are not as popular as my videos so the unboxing video shown above is the last one I will be doing.

To end the week I got 2 more bits of great news.


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Returning next month!

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The first that I will be bringing back the Northampton Creative Meet-up, a monthly thing I set up awhile. The next meet-up is going to be Friday 13th March, more about this closer to the time!

The second is that I will be working on a big commission next week on 3 custom a4 prints that I will show next week!

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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