The Cherry Post No.198 | Preparing & Tidying

The Cherry Post No.198 | Preparing & Tidying

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

This week will be interesting to go into so I will go over that and then talk about any upcoming plans!

I’ve been busy with the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel, last week I recorded and uploaded a video where I talked about the basics and history of Linocut which was rather interesting to produce as I loved the research I found. Watch the video above and tell me what you think!

This week I’ve decided to record a few more videos in the shed, if you watched Part 2 of sorting out the Bonfirecherry Print Shed or read the previous Cherry Posts that while the shed is fixed up and looking good I’ve got problems with the light.


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Just been recording some youtube videos 😊

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A problem with the light in the shed isn’t good when you want to record videos so I had to bring a lamp I had that I use in my bedroom/studio into the shed. Not ideal but did the job as you will find out in the upcoming weeks!

After getting the lighting sorted along with some scripts, I first recorded “Etsy vs Your Own Website | What Bonfirecherry Thinks” I suppose the title gives away but I go into what the brief differences between the two if you want to sell handmade stuff online. I also go into my personal experiences as I’ve sold Bonfirecherry products on both. It be live this Saturday!

While I was in the shed after I recorded that video, I then moved onto the next video “What Would Bonfirecherry Do Differently” I go over what advice I would give to myself 7 years ago when I started Bonfirecherry as a print business in 2013, I did have some advice written on a script but as you will find out soon I added a bit more that I had already thought out. It was an interesting video to do, I might do a follow up.

I’m currently thinking of more videos that I could produce in the shed, have you got any ideas?

Of course I will still be doing Papergang Stationery boxes unboxing videos, hope to record that in the upcoming weeks.


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About to record some videos

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I suppose in the shed I managed to get some good pictures of yours truly while in there, not vain I swear haha

I done a bit of spring cleaning on my social media accounts, bit boring thing to do but as I’ve had the time I’ve decided on twitter & Instagram (mainly in Twitter) to sort out the followers & following account, for example on twitter I  had 18.8k followers but I was following 19.9k so I decided to get the following count down to very close to the followers account, something that has been bugging me for quite some time and after a few days I finally got it close just giving up at 18.9k following.

I know I can’t end the post on something boring like that so I want to announce that more designs will be coming in the upcoming weeks, all I can say that the designs will be more feminine!

I will be meeting up with one of many photographer friends on Thursday night, hope to talk about that and those new designs next week 😊.

In April, expect part 8 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews and later in the year I hope to do part 4 of Printmakers Unite.

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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