The Cherry Post No.197 | Crafternoon!

The Cherry Post No.197 | Crafternoon!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual I will start the post off talking about the most recent Bonfirecherry Youtube Video which is a REVIEW from the Paper Gang. Not an unboxing video this month, watch the video to find out why!

Before I go into the main focus of this week’s CP, I just talk about Youtube one last time to talk about my plan for this weeks video which will be live tomorrow.. it’s going to be about linocut!



It was fun going back into the print shed to record a new video, if you saw the sorting out of the print shed video you will find out I’ve still got a problem with the light so I had to think of different ways of recording.

(Normally I would have Saturday's youtube video shown here but at time of writing this I'm still editing the video)

As you will find out tomorrow, I’ve decided to talk about what Linocut is and the history behind the printing method, subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out when it goes live and help support the small channel it will truly mean a lot 😊

With that’s out of the way, let’s talk the wonderful Crafternoon that I went to this week!

The event was hosted by Sophia Kyprianou aka The Curator – Educator, you might remember her name because of THIS interview 😉.

This year I have been convincing myself to go out more, to get out and get more creative so these Crafternoon events really caught my attention. During these small events you were able to do some really creative activities ranging from decoupage, pom pom mobiles to rope art!

This week’s activities was recycled baskets made with card/paper and it was going to be at Café Track.

Remember the Plump Partridge, the café in Northampton that I used to mention quite a lot in the past & even had a few prints available only there? When they closed at the end of 2018, awhile later it became Café Track!

The café is own by Track who aims to ensure that people on the autism spectrum have access employment, which I think is really great in my personal opinion as a few times in my life I have been unemployed and struggled to find work and can’t even imagine the struggle like those who have autism have.


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Ready for @thecuratoreducator 's #crafternoon!

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I arrived at Café Track around 1.30 where I met up with Sophia and two other people, the table was covered in paper, scissors, glue and other creative stuff as you can see above.

After talking about recent events, we starting the baskets!



As a creative person, I didn’t take me long to get my head around the steps on how to make the baskets. I confess I did mess up by the end and ran out of time to finish it off as I had other things to do on that day but I really enjoy the event. The crafternoon brought out my creativity in a very relaxed environment surrounded with amazing people 😊

I think that’s everything for this week, thank you very much to reading!


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