The Cherry Post No.196 | A Very Good Start to 2020!

The Cherry Post No.196 | A Very Good Start to 2020!

Hello all to the first Cherry Post of 2020!

BUT before that, there is a lot of stuff to remind you amazing people of what Bonfirecherry released online around Christmas & New Years as there was a lot.

I uploaded the rest of #BCHoliday #Japan #vblogs to the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel which you can find here.

The most important thing that happened through Christmas & the New Years here at (minus the new look, will get to that later) is the return of The Cherry Ladies Interviews!

The last Cherry Ladies Interview was all the way in September 2018 with the lovely The Craft Fantastic (find it here) so it was long overdue don’t you think?


The Cherry Ladies Interviews returned on December 27th with the amazing photographer, Emily Lovell in Part 5, which can be found here. Me and Emily have a lot of things we have in common, you will have to read the interview to find out what!



Part 6 was published on January 11th with the fashion blogger, Rebecca Hayden. Rebecca is a friend of Bonfirecherry & I thought a fashion blogger would be great for the interviews as there is a lot of creativity involved, read part 6 here.



To end off the updates, Part 7 was published last weekend with Sophia Kyprianou aka The Curator – Educator, she brought a very creative and informative chat that you can find and enjoy here. You will most likely hear me mention Sophia more next week!

With that out of the way, lets go into what Bonfirecherry has done so far this year!

If you checked out the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel recently, you have noticed that I made a few trips to the print shed because I finally got around to sorting everything out.



If you watch the two videos above, I had a lot of fun first throwing away all the rubbish that has been in the shed for about over a year (I think), clearing most of the stuff out of the shed so I can get to the walls.

As mentioned a few times in the videos above, the Bonfirecherry print shed used to be an old school sports shed that got closed so the shed didn’t get a lot of love so there was a very few holes in the shed mainly on the back and right side of it which you see me fixing.

The things I loved the most are the new additions to the shed such as the roller rack and display boards, both put myself so let’s see how long they will last haha.

If you see the end of Part 2, you will discover there will be a problem with the shed til I can get it fixed by a professional.



With the display boards up, I finally got around to put up the postcards I bought from Japan in November, looking good hey?

That’s the shed out of the way, lets talk about something else that is exciting.. new designs!

For a fair few months I’ve been talking about new designs and I finally followed through with the promise when the shed was ready. To be different and make the designs more colourful I decided to use watercolour, which I like to think are a great combination in my opinion.




I first concentrated for some of the new designs to be inspired by Japan as I’ve been promising that since November 2019, “Momo” & “Worship” are inspired by things I saw around Takayama. I do have more designs in the works but trying my best not to rush things so they are perfect.



After I decided to look at old designs that didn’t work out before and tried them with watercolour to see if they worked and “Come Aboard” and “Dragon’s Wrath” are two old designs I have brought back.

Expect more lino & watercolour designs in the upcoming weeks.



Along with everything else, I thought I surprise everyone and myself with a brand look for the website and really liked how its turned out on desktop and pc. PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW ABOUT THE LAYOUT OR ANYTHING I HAVE MENTIONED ABOVE AS WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR VIEWS 😊

As I’m writing this up, I have ordered brand new business cards with my new name with a new look so I should get those when this goes live so I will show off next week.

I will give it a few months til I will continue The Cherry Ladies Interviews, I have a few people I have in mind but have to wait and see.

Next month most likely I will post a new A View From The Cherry blog post.

I think that’s everything I can talk about for the first CP of 2020, thanks for reading & hope you enjoy the new layout!


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