The Cherry Post No.194 + 195 | Ending On A High

The Cherry Post No.194 + 195 | Ending On A High

Hello all to the last normal Cherry Post of 2019!

It’s been a fun and creative 2 weeks so it’s going to be fun to talk about all what I’ve been up to!

I start off talking about the Bonfirecherry youtube channel video as there has been some cool videos added to the channel since the last CP!

I got November’s Paper Gang stationery parcel while I was away Japan so I made sure to record the unboxing video after I came home, the unboxing video is now live which you can watch above. As always I love what I get from Paper Gang, got some good birthday/Christmas gifts out of them too which makes them worth it!

While I was in Japan, I checked out the morning market that was not far from where I was staying in Takayama  so for sure I had to do a video showing off what I got, mainly the crafty finds I came across!

I recorded a fair video vblogs while I was in Japan mainly in Takayama and Part 1 of yours truly and my friend going through this wonderful town went live. Watch it above and tell me what you think, so much natural beauty along with new and old Japanese buildings!

With those youtube updates out of the way, lets move on!



It’s always good to meet people you have been chatting to online for years, in person and that’s what happened last week. I met the Ben aka owner of So Very Creative, a creative/digital & marketing studio based in Northampton. The reason we met was because Ben also runs a creative podcast and I was going to be a guest on it!

A creative podcast? Oh why does that sound so familiar, oh the Bonfire Banter Podcast that I co-host with my friend Dene is hiatus til the new year!

But anyway back to the meet-up, we met up at the Tick Tock Coffee & Wine Bar in Upton not far away from Duston where I’m based in Northampton. A small café located not far me (only about 10 or so minute walk) that I haven’t checked out in years  despite it being pretty close to me, so long that it’s a different café that it was years before.

I got there early to have a milkshake and just start to write notes down for other things til Ben arrived. We spoke about a lot of things before we recorded an episode together, I was wondering how we were going to record something in a café but there goes ben taking out a big microphone out of his bag that which he then plugged into his laptop and hit the record button.

We spoke for at least 40 minutes or so on a variety of different subjects that you will have to wait and see for a listen in the upcoming weeks!



I finally got around to producing a second #BCHoliday Japan inspired design, that I decided to call “Cool Down” as that is what the text means in Japanese along with some refreshing cool drinks in a cute glass based on a robot from a classic anime series called Mobile Suit Gundam (if you love anime, the series is a must!)



Along with all the reasons explained in the previous Cherry Posts, a few reasons why you don’t see me much in the shed at the moment is because 1) It’s getting cold + there is no installation in the shed (maybe an idea for 2020?) and 2) I have what you see in the picture above in the shed, only there temporary but  only means I can do a select things in there such as recording videos & printing (I’ve doing all the recent carvings in our recently build extension where we got wooden slabs so easier to pick up the lino carvings when I’m finished).



I managed to get into the Bonfirecherry print shed on Thursday to print the third Japan inspired design that is based one of many beautiful shrines located around Japan, this one in Takayama where I was staying. I yet to think of a name, but what do you think?

When 2020 comes you will see back in there a lot more than I have been this year!

Something I am working on at the moment is that I’m bringing back The Cherry Ladies Interviews. A series of interviews I started a while ago where I chat to amazing/creative ladies who connected to Bonfirecherry in different ways either friends or connected to each other on social media etc. I have published 4 interviews so far with Khandie Photography to Jenni from The Craft Fantastic that you can find here.

When this post goes live you should see at least 4 more in the upcoming weeks after 2 new personal blog posts as I haven’t published those in a while and some big good news has been happening recently that I would like to blog about.



The 5th Cherry Ladies Interview will be live on Saturday 28th November!

So during the Christmas break I will be focusing on personal blog posts & The Cherry Ladies interviews so there will always be something for me to keep publishing on my website & on social media!

Even when I rest, I still like to do stuff and then I wonder why I need the rest haha

I think that’s everything I can think of, thanks for reading!


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