The Cherry Post No.189 | Fashion & Pumpkins

The Cherry Post No.189 | Fashion & Pumpkins

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

This post might sound like deja-vu compared to last week’s Cherry Post as most as I will be talking about will be almost the same things with #BCHoliday to Japan getting closer and closer.

I start off talking about the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel, last week I published this months amazing PaperGang unboxing video, I loved it as much as last months that I’m starting to get a collection of Papergang posters up in the Bonfirecherry print shed. Watch the unboxing video above and comment down below or on the video on your thoughts as I would love to hear it!

I have continued to work on a few videos on advance, I did have a organisation related video planned and started but as you will find out below, I’ve decided to delay that til a later date as I want to put a lot of focus into that I haven’t got at the moment.

This weeks video is going to be one I record a few weeks ago where I talk about upcoming plans for #BCHoliday to Japan & upcoming Bonfirecherry plans, it be live this Saturday!

I be closing the Bonfirecherry shop next Friday ahead of the trip to Japan on Monday 4th November, when I close the shop I will be taking all the classic linocut prints off the shop along with some of Bonfirecherry’s current products that haven’t been selling as well as most.

Previously I have talked about new designs in November, part of it is still true I will be focusing on drawing/planning out new designs but due to important life changes when I come back from Japan etc changing my name officially and other stuff that will cost me a bit so have to delay new designs til December, from then through 2020 there will be tons of new designs!

I’m trying my best to make Bonfirecherry exciting hence why I’m focusing on the youtube channel etc but japan and the upcoming life changes has took the priority for now but it wont be for long that I can promise.

A highlight of the previous couple of days was meeting up a Northampton based Instagram fashion blogger who doesn’t live that far away from me and discovering we’ve got a few things in common!



The blogger I’m taking about Rebecca Hayden, find her Instagram page here, the most of us live in Duston, Northampton and have lived here for years and discovered some places that the both of us never knew about, some interesting gems and cool photoshoot locations. We met up at a local vintage looking café called the Number 50 Tearoom to have a drink and chat. In this day and age it is fun meeting up with people you have chatting with online for years especially the ones who are local, Rebecca was a lovely lass!

With Halloween coming up, I decided for the youtube video next Saturday (2nd November) is not going to the organisation video but one that I produced yesterday which is me carving a pumpkin!

I think that’s everything I can think of for this week, thanks for reading!


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