The Cherry Post No.188 | Preparing

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

If you are a keen reader of The Cherry Post, you have noticed that for awhile that I mentioned the Bonfire Banter Podcast at the start of the most of the cherry posts I have been publishing throughout the year then recently stopped mentioning the podcast that I co-host in the previous few posts.

The reason for going quiet is because me and Dene the co-hosts have been busy with work, other things and most importantly this years #BCHoliday to Japan, which is nearly 2 weeks away at the time this post goes live. It’s going to be a costly holiday and we are working hard to make sure it be the best trip ever, which is putting our focus away from the podcast.

It doesn’t mean that we have given up with the podcast, oh god no. Just taking a small break to look at what we can do to improve our episodes and help improve our reach. We are planning on record a few episodes while in Japan, have to wait and see!

With that out of the way, lets start this weeks Cherry Post!

Start off talking about the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel, a new video went live last Saturday and it is about apps, watch it above and tell me what you think!

Most of the past week I’ve been planning about a months’ worth of youtube videos including the week while I’m in Japan, as I will be away from my video editing and thumbnail software. Here is what the next couple of youtube videos are going to be about.

  • “Bonfirecherry’s October Unboxing | PaperGang” goes live this Saturday
  • “Talking Plans & Building Lego” goes lives 26/10
  • “Trying To Get More Organised” 2/11
  • “Upcoming Videos & Bonus Unboxing” 9/11

Then the weeks after for awhile will be #BCHoliday from Japan videos and PaperGang unboxings.

During the past few weeks, when it comes to unboxing videos I have been loving the offerings from PaperGang so much but feeling the opposite with the Inkdrops offerings so Inkdrops unboxings won’t appear for much longer at the channel.

Speaking of Papergang, I have been loving this months offerings, you will see in full tomorrow!

The poster shown in the thumbnail for this post is from PaperGang, you will to wait til Saturday to find more about why I did it etc!

As its not long til #BCHoliday to Japan, more and more of my time is doing research and preparing for the trip, especially all Bonfirecherry admin, and scheduling posts on social media while I’m away  so I can tease any pictures in my free time and don’t have to worry that much.

I will do a special Cherry Post awhile I’m over there, I usually schedule everything for the post to go live around 6am but as I will be somewhere that is 8 hours ahead of the UK, it be earlier or late. Either way it will be published on Friday.

I will be closing the shop on Friday 1st November, would be early Saturday 2nd but stuck at my bakery job that day. Going down to London early on the Sunday, staying at a hotel near Heathrow for a 9.55am flight on Monday so don’t have to rush.

I will be uploading any Japan related pics with the #BCHoliday so pics can be found on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram very easily.

I think that's everything for this week's CP, thanks for reading!


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