The Cherry Post No.186 + 187 | Good To Support

The Cherry Post No.186 + 187 | Good To Support

Hello all to a double Cherry Post!

I start off the post talking about the Matchbox Café in Northampton town centre, a small café I have mentioned a few times over the past year as I’ve got a Bonfirecherry print in there.



What do you think of the print? Sadly no longer for the sale as one of the owners purchased it from me but I can be commissioned to do another one if interested 😉



Reason I’m talking about this wonderful small independent café is because at the time I’m writing this bit of the post, I’ve just had a lovely Vegetarian Breakfast along with a wonderful Raspberry Ripple Hot Chocolate (there was also Vampire and Moreish Mint hot chocolate on offer too) which were just lovely especially not having any food up to that point after having a blood test that I had to fast for.

Something about the atmosphere that cafes like this one have, that you can’t get at bigger cafes.

As mentioned in previous Cherry Posts, I have been busy with work to help me fund an amazing trip to Japan (when this post goes live, it’s only 24  days til #BCHoliday) that I’ve haven’t had time to support local cafes such as this one, so made sure on one of my spare days off that I would go into town and spend most of the morning at Matchbox Café.

Mainly Matchbox Café as they helped me out recently on the last journey I had to town, see a long facebook post above explaining it as it be easy than retelling everything.

I decided while I was town just to hang out there for a bit so after the lovely breakfast I walked around town to burn off the breakfast and do some other errands while I was there.



There is a lot of independent restaurants in Northampton too, one of them is The Smoke Pit. Pretty popular establishment (big word for me I know haha) if you love all things meaty. The Smoke Pit is popular in the evening in Northampton town, I decided to go there during lunch time as I was in town around that time and well it’s rare to eat there when it’s really quiet eg for the first hour I was by myself.

Always got amazing décor at the pit and some cool art work too, maybe I should ask soon if I can put some Bonfirecherry prints in there in the future?

The Smoke Pit does have a sister restaurant elsewhere in Northampton called Hops and Chops, only a few minutes from my house.

When I got home I rested for a bit before I recorded a youtube video which you can find above!



I did do a livestream on Twitter on Saturday, where I talked about upcoming Bonfirecherry plans and built some lego. The livestream will be live on Youtube soon!

Speaking of Youtube, with Japan coming up very soon I have been wanting to record a bulk of different sort of videos to upload for the upcoming weeks so I don’t have to worry about ideas every week. I’ve got some ideas for when I’m in Japan.

After Japan I want to improve my youtube presence and get more views, currently I don’t get a lot on most of my videos and want to change that!

Before moving on, something I have been thinking about is what video am I going to release on the Saturday while I’m in Japan. I will be leaving my laptop at home which has the software I use to edit videos & produce thumbnails. Just before I go to Japan I just have to predict what I’m going to record & produce a few thumbnails around it and just upload a video unedited with it. I suppose I can always adjust the thumbnail & re-edit when I get home a few days later.

Anyway, a few days later on Tuesday I returned to town on some personal errands such as shopping & going to a hair consultation which was very helpful.

Around the time I was in town it was coming up to lunch time and I thought I decide on supporting another wonderful café not far away from the salon I had an appointment at.


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The café I decided on was The Bread and Butter Factory, if you have been supporting Bonfirecherry for awhile now or search the name above in the search bar, it’s a café I have mentioned a few times over the years.

I had a lovely “Green Dream” salad that you can picks of above, I’m not a food reviewer so I just say it was very nice and healthy, perfect choice for lunch!

I always love the décor in this café!



Lastly, I received this months PaperGang parcel, you will have to wait a few weeks til the unboxing video goes live, but all I can say, it has had great stuff in it as always. Only thing I can show off for now is the poster that came with it!

You can watch last months video above.

I think that’s all for this double Cherry Post, thanks for reading!


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