The Cherry Post No.184 + 185 | Counting Down + 2019 #BCTrainTrip

The Cherry Post No.184 + 185 | Counting Down + 2019 #BCTrainTrip

Hello all to this week’s double Cherry Post

I start off talking about what Bonfirecherry got up to last week first before going into this week!

I started last week by publishing this months PaperGang unboxing video at the Bonfirecherry Youtube channel which you can find above.



I then finished off a recent commission that Bonfirecherry was working on. Recently received some red ribbon and it was the first order to be gift wrapped using it. What do you think of it?

Last Wednesday I did  receive Septembers InkDrops parcel, so I recorded the stationery goodies when they arrived. I published the video on Saturday, you can find the video above here.

Speaking of Saturday, Bonfirecherry was away for a day on another #BCTrainTrip!

If you don’t know about #BCTrainTrip it’s a day out for Bonfirecherry where I go out for a day with members of my family on a old fashion steam train to different parts to the UK.



Had to travel from Northampton to Rugby on a normal train to get on the charter train. It was nice at Rugby train station as there was a lot of flowers around on the platforms. What do you think?

When the charter train arrived, it first gets pulled with an old electric train. As always the carriages were nice and the tables were set up ready for us.



The destination of the trip was to Blackpool, I will get to my personal view of the destination shortly but the journey there was very nice. I will upload all the pictures to the Bonfirecherry Tumblr in the next few days as I took a lot.

I love seaside towns and because of that I was disappointed with the bit of Blackpool I was able to see when I arrived, full of hen/stag parties and a tons of drunk people that gave us a bad impression. Last time I went to Blackpool was around 20 years ago and it has changed a lot since.

Got back to Northampton around 10 in the evening, was a very long day but took enough pictures that I will get inspiration for designs too soon such as a print of the steam train in the works.

The day this posts goes live, it will be a month and 8 days til this years #BCHoliday to Japan so I have been busy planning a whole week out as I want to make the trip the best thing ever!

I think that’s everything for this post, thanks for reading!


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