The Cherry Post No.179 | Quite Colourful

The Cherry Post No.179 | Quite Colourful

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual before I start, just a reminder that if you love crafts & business to search Bonfire Banter on your preferred podcast platform such as Spotify, Google Podcast & iTunes to name a few. It’s a small podcast that I have been running with my friend Dene since April 2018, up to 21 episodes so far where we have talked craft fairs to how to deal with bad customer feedback. You can listen to all our audio content at The Great Shows here.

With that out of the way, let’s start with this week’s post!

It’s been a fun and creative week for Bonfirecherry, I am looking forward into going why!



Last week I talked about that I ordered new materials and equipment for new designs etc, they started to arrive on Saturday starting off with new fabric ink, this time ink from Permaset whose ink I use from time to time.

On Saturday a new video was uploaded to the Bonfirecherry Youtube channel “Why It’s Great To Support Local Small Business”. Check it out above and tell me what you think?

If you have been following Bonfirecherry for awhile now, I do unboxing videos for the Bonfirecherry Youtube channel such as what I get from Inkdrops Stationery. Well last week I subscribed to a monthly stationery subscription box from The Paper Gang, I look forward to doing an unboxing video from them soon!


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New rollers, ink, lino and other stuff!

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A few days later, new lino, lino cutters, a printing plate and dry roller what I ordered arrived, it’s like an early Christmas present to myself.

All this new stuff is some new designs, starting off with a brand new tote design!

As explained previously, due to my trip to Japan and other things in November that I’m holding off a bulk of new designs til then but I thought I bring a few new designs before then, starting off with a new tote.


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Step by step

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This week’s youtube video will be about this but on Wednesday morning I drew the new tote bag design, which is inspired by my personal experiences about coming out as Megan etc and carved it shortly after.


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The coloured totes have arrived!

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By the time I got around to finishing off the carving the new design, new blank totes arrived, unlike previous tote bags I have ordered in the past these are coloured ones. I’ve been getting requests for coloured totes eg anything part from natural coloured totes for awhile and for this new design I thought I finally follow-up with those requests.

Going to start off this new design then offer other designs on coloured totes later on.



What do you think? You can find the new tote bag design here 

 After uploading some pics of the new design, I got requests for Atmos The Unicorn to be printed onto the coloured totes so those will be available in the next few days!


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Do you prefer this design in Black or White?

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I think that's everything, thanks for reading!


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