The Cherry Post No.175 | Entitled

The Cherry Post No.175 | Entitled

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual before I start, just a reminder that if you love crafts & business to search Bonfire Banter on your preferred podcast platform such as Spotify, Google Podcast & iTunes to name a few. It’s a small podcast that I have been running with my friend Dene since April 2018, up to 21 episodes so far where we have talked craft fairs to how to deal with bad customer feedback. You can listen to all our audio content at The Great Shows here.

It’s been a quiet week but let’s see what I can talk about, with that out of the way, lets continue with the post!

I start off talking about the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel, on Saturday I uploaded a new video that I decided to call “What’s Going To Change?”. A mixture of a personal & Bonfirecherry related video about the upcoming changes I’ve got coming up from November. In short I will be changing my name officially to Megan & living as a woman full time and this is a brief video about the changes that would effect Bonfirecherry & the Bonfire Banter Podcast.

Watch the video & tell me what you think??

This Saturday, the youtube video is called “Mental Health + Craft” a somewhat follow up to episode 19 + 20 (which you can find here) of the Bonfire Banter podcast where we talked about it and I thought I continue the debate which you can watch tomorrow!



I went to Rushden Lakes last week and got my hands on this really cool + pretty  tissue paper, so the next few shop orders will receive their order gift wrapped in the oh so pretty tissue paper,  this will only be a once off for the next 3 orders and that’s it to the price it cost me for this special tissue paper compared to what I normally use. Actually the red & white stripy tissue paper that I usually use is out of stock and I can’t get anywhere so trying different colours for the time being!



Something I received this week that I can share which might turn into a blog post in itself, is a spam email that got through the filters asking me if I wanted to pay to get an Instagram “Influencer” to show off my stuff via exposure.

I can’t stand the words “Influencer” & “Exposure”, unlike this time, in the past  I’ve been asked a few times if they can have a certain product for free to show off on their Instagram/social media accounts or on blog sites in return for “exposure” to your products and possible traffic to your site.

OH FUCK RIGHT OFF to that, it’s downright insulting to ask something that someone has spent time in be it food to art like my stuff to ask if they can have it for free in return for something that most likely won’t work out or never happen, just because they feel entitled to ask because because they have got thousands/millions of followers.

It just pisses the _____ off.

Anyway onto something positive.

On Thursday I spent some time at Matchbox Café, this is a small independent café in Northampton town centre that I discovered awhile that allowed me to display the colourful Yonko’s Messenger A3 linocut print that only available at this wonderful small café that you can see in the image for this post(Just an FYI I haven’t been paid to say this, just like supporting small cafes that’s all, there is an atmosphere that you can only find at small independent cafes such as this one.

It was good way to get out of the house as it was a bit stuffy and just relax.



Relaxing is something that I need to remember to do as I’ve got so much going on at the moment, some life changing that I can’t go back on.

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