The Cherry Post No.172 + 173 | Smile

The Cherry Post No.172 + 173 | Smile

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual before I start, just a reminder that if you love crafts & business to search Bonfire Banter on your preferred podcast platform such as Spotify, Google Podcast & Itunes to name a few. It’s a small podcast that I have been running with my friend Dene since April 2018, up to 19 episodes so far where we have talked craft fairs to how to deal with bad customer feedback. You can listen to all our audio content at The Great Shows here.

 With that out of the way, lets continue with the post!





I start off talking about some recent changes to With the amazing pictures that Julia Harris from JMH PhotoStories took of me a few weeks ago, I decided to update the About Bonfirecherry page that I decided to rename “The History of Bonfirecherry” and “Behind The Cherry” page. Because I want the new pictures of the new me to stand out, I have actually deleted the previous versions of the page so when it comes to sharing the pages on social media, the new pictures will only appear as the thumbnails.

During the past 2 weeks


I sold the very last of the Typewriter linocut print which was reduced by 50% like all classic linocut prints that aren’t made to order. Click the top banner to find the rest I’ve got on offer!



Speaking of classic, I brought back classic Bonfirecherry badges such as the ones you can see above. Click the top banner to find them along with the 50% off prints.



I love producing Custom linocut prints as always like to produce something that I never would think of making. For this custom print, it was a print saying “Home Sweet Home” with a jug that I painted in colourful dots. What do you think? Comment below!

 LLast week I received this months InkDrops box and as usual loved everything I received. You can find unboxing video above!



Matchbox Café in Northampton shared the colourful A3 version of Yonko’s Messenger linocut print that I’ve only got available there, framed and mounted!



I also love receiving customer feedback and during the past 2 weeks I received some that made me smile such as from the client who commissioned me to produce the Home Sweet Home print. You can find them all at the Customer Feedback page at the menu at the top of the page! 



JMH Photostories mentioned Bonfirecherry on their website, click the link below to find the link!



Something I got from this month’s InkDrops box was these cute mini envelopes. It took me a few days to think what I should do with them.




Well what do you usually with envelopes? You normally put a letter in them and send them out and that’s what I did!

Because I only had a small amount of small envelopes, I look through all the orders that Bonfirecherry has received on it’s recent version of (I was previously on Wix, since late 2015 I’ve been on Shopify) and used a random name generator to decide which customers I should surprise with these small envelopes containing a personalised letter saying thanks for your support & how amazing it is to support small businesses.

I think that’s everything I can think of for this weeks CP, thanks for reading!



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