The Cherry Post No.171 | Laughter In The Shed

The Cherry Post No.171 | Laughter In The Shed

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual before I start, just a reminder that if you love crafts & business to search Bonfire Banter on your preferred podcast platform such as Spotify, Google Podcast & Itunes to name a few. It’s a small podcast that I have been running with my friend Dene since April 2018, up to 19 episodes so far where we have talked craft fairs to how to deal with bad customer feedback. You can listen to all our audio content at The Great Shows here.

With that out of the way, lets continue with the post!’

Bonfirecherry has been around for about 6 years now, during that time I have produced a lot of designs. At the Bonfirecherry shop I’ve got a selection of classic designs, a few I’ve had at the shop for awhile now, so this week I have decided to reduce the amazing hand printed designs. I started the week off by reducing them by 30% then by 50% so all the classic designs (which you can find here) have been reduced to a cracking price!



I love doing custom work and this week got me producing the cute bear print I’ve got at the Bonfirecherry shop called Bepo as a tote bag design, this involved producing a bigger version of the design that actually turned out well, I kind of liking it more than the print so there might be a change coming soon!

If you search the word “Khandie” in the search bar at the top of the page, you will find a lot of results, that’s because I am a huge fan of Khandie Photography/Khandie Khisses because she has supported Bonfirecherry in the past.



I went to a show hosted by Khandie where she performed as Khandie Khisses, I loved the performance that much that I decided to produce a print of it called “Tease”. What do you think?



The Bonfirecherry Print shed had a returning visitor yesterday (only 3 people who have only had the honour to have been inside the shed), Julia Harris from JMH Photostories. A wonderful lady whom I’ve been friends with for the past few years.

Julia was at the Bonfirecherry print shed to take some pics of me doing some printmaking and talked about a lot of creatives stuff.

It’s fun having a guest in the shed because its fun changing stuff around so people can take photos as the table is normally against the wall.



A few videos were recorded while me and Julia had a good laugh, 1 for the Bonfirecherry youtube channel that will go live tomorrow and a 2nd video that Julia will share, I am looking forward to seeing the pics that Julia took. Find out more JMH Photostories here.

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