The Cherry Post No.170 | A Good Hot Chocolate

The Cherry Post No.170 | A Good Hot Chocolate

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual before I start, just a reminder that if you love crafts & business to search Bonfire Banter on your preferred podcast platform such as Spotify, Google Podcast & Itunes to name a few. It’s a small podcast that I have been running with my friend Dene since April 2018, up to 19 episodes so far where we have talked craft fairs to how to deal with bad customer feedback. You can listen to all our audio content at The Great Shows here.

I ended last weeks post by talking about The Start Of Something NN’s group event “Conversation Starters” which was really great to attend, the vblog about the event can be found above. Highly recommend giving the video a watch & giving your thoughts via the comments below or via youtube so I can improve how I do vblogs in the future.

This was the first networking sort of event that I attended to as my “future” self (Search “Happy?, “What If This Small Business Changed Owners?” & “A View From Behind The Cherry” blog posts in the search bar above for context about that) as Bonfirecherry and it turned out well. I am taking a slow changeover of who you see as the owner of Bonfirecherry.



Towards the end of last weeks post, I mentioned that the colourful Yonko’s Messenger print I put in Magee St Bakery was too big for the shelves and could be a safety risk (which was fair enough, it’s a massive frame, the biggest I have ever bought). So last Friday I went in there in the morning to swap it over with a print I previously made for another Northampton based café that is no longer around (oh I miss The Plump Partridge, read the post about when it closed in November 2018 here) called “Connections”. What do you think of the print?

This change over left me with a colourful owl print looking for a home.



With the wonders of twitter and connections with social media in general, recently I have been chatting to another great small and independent Northampton based café called The Matchbox Café (thinking about it, I have made connections with a lot of Northampton cafes such as The Plump Partridge, Heathers, The Bread and Butter Factory, The Magic Bean Emporium, Ground Coffee, Magee St Bakery & now The Matchbox Café) and on the day I switched the print around at Magee, I went into town to this wonderful small café.

There is a lot of hidden gems around Northampton and The Matchbox Café is for sure one of them (a bit of a FYI, I’m not paid to say this just being honest). When I dropped off the big print, I am a big sucker for hot chocolate as I don’t like caffeine and the café had a Blueberry Cheesecake White Hot Chocolate on offer (as shown in the image for this post), of course I had to try it and it was very nice!

Friday so far was a busy day and it continued to be so far a few hours later as I returned to town in the evening for May’s Northampton Creative Meet-up. The meet-up went very well!



For the meet-up we returned to the Albion Brewery, another independent Northampton business. This brewery is becoming one of my favourite places to go to in an evening in Northampton town, I like atmosphere and the gin!

Episode 19 of the Bonfire Banter Podcast went live during the week, its all about mental health when it comes to #craft, you can listen to it here.





Ahead of the release of the new episode, I decided to produce social media thumbnails for each main episode of the podcast, you can see a few of them above. What do you think??


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Before and after

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To end the post of, I show some pics of some posters I have added to the Bonfirecherry print shed which I will continue to add during the next few days.

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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