The Cherry Post No.168 | Custom, Custom, Custom!

The Cherry Post No.168 | Custom, Custom, Custom!

Hello all you wonderful people, it’s been a very creative week for Bonfirecherry!

But as always before that, just a reminder that if you are interested in crafts or business to check out the Bonfire Banter Podcast. It’s a small podcast run by myself and one of my best friends Dene that we have been producing since April 2018.

Episode 18 of the podcast is now available on The Great Shows, iTunes, Spotify & Google Podcast. Episode 18 onwards will be following a new format that we have been working on, our new episodes will be about 5 to 10 minutes long so they are easier to listen to than our previous episodes, listen to episode 18 here and tell me what you think in the comments below!

With that out of the way, let’s start the cherry post!

Lets start off by talking about Bonfirecherry’s current youtube video, which is this months Ink Drops unboxing video, which went live last Saturday that you can watch above!



On Saturday, during the day I took part in Northampton pride (that I will go into in a future ‘A View From Behind The Cherry’ post), in the evening I started on the first of many custom designs that Bonfirecherry has been working on this week.




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The first was a design of someone kayaking, I spent the Saturday evening putting the design onto lino and spent just over 2 on Sunday afternoon to carve it and print it. I really love how it turned out and my client loved it too but that’s not all for the design.

Some lino and card for an A3 + A2 custom project that I sadly can’t show fully for reasons I can’t go into arrived on Monday, I don’t do A3 + A2 that much so it’s been a fun week!


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Bit lighter on the brown crayon

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With the Kayak design, the client for that print wanted it in colour so decided to show off what it would look like by using crayons, looks cool don’t it?



As I had some time between commissions, I managed to fit another commission for an A5 linocut print of an Pelican, I really find the design cute that I decided to call “Pelican Adventure”.



There wasn’t much print work to do on Tuesday so had the time to finish off the Kayak design (still need to give it a quirky name, like I give all my custom and non-custom products) by going over it with paint. Really love how the colours stands out!



On Wednesday I carved and produced the custom A3 + A2, it took up most of the day. As explained earlier, sadly I can’t show off the designs but they turned out great.



After producing an custom A3 design, I had a lot of A3 card left over, so decided to bring back an old Bonfirecherry tote bag design as an A3 linocut print that I added some colour too. The print is now available to order at the shop here.

I finally got around to adding the gusset Camera No.2 tote bag that I produced last week, which you can order here.

By the way, you can find out about custom work here

I think that’s everything, thanks for reading!




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