The Cherry Post No.165 | That Took Way Too Long!

The Cherry Post No.165 | That Took Way Too Long!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

Before I start the post, if you’re interested in all things craft & business and you listen to podcasts. I recommend checking out the Bonfire Banter Podcast, a small podcast run by myself, my friend Dene & our editor Jamie that we started in April 2018.

You can find all of our content here at The Great Shows and you an also find the podcast on your preferred podcast platform!

With that out of the way, let’s continue with this weeks Cherry Post!

It’s been another creative week for Bonfirecherry, I started off by publishing 2 blog posts.

The first was a blog post called “2020 will Bonfirecherry’s Year!”, where I go into why a  lot of the plans I had for 2019 has been moved to 2020.

The second was “What if this small business changed owners?”, I talk about a possible change coming to Bonfirecherry in the future, depending on what personal decisions I’m going to make soon, check the post out to see what I mean.



I continued to spread the word of the 20% off sale I’ve currently got at the shop. The sale will be ending soon, possibly around 15th May.

This weeks youtube video is going to be the long video of yours truly building some lego awhile ago while talking about plans for the Bonfire Banter Podcast & Bonfirecherry. It took about TEN HOURS TO RENDER THE VIDEO!



I did get some customer orders this week that were fun to sort out & send 😊

I have been preparing for a big 50 tote bag commission from a returning Bonfirecherry client that you will see me producing in next weeks CP.







During the week I have been adding One-Off Experimental linocut prints that I produced between last year and a few weeks ago such as There’s An Alpaca In My Drink, Dog vs Man & Dyed Wool. Which is your favourite??



Last night I spend the evening at a board games cafe in Oxford with my emotional wellbeing group (see A View From Behind The Cherry blog posts for info about that), never knew the place existed, downside it's over an hours drive from Northampton (where I live) but you can find a huge selection of board games that you can bring to your table awhile you eat and drink with friends and family.

Maybe I might do a board game inspired design in the future?

Anyway I think that's everything, thanks for reading!


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