The Cherry Post No.163 + 164 | Cosmic!

The Cherry Post No.163 + 164 | Cosmic!

Hello all to this week’s double Cherry Post!

Apologises for no CP last week, I really wanted to get this personal blog post posted and I didn’t want any distractions so decided to make this weeks CP a  double!

I started last week off by listening and writing up the notes for episode 17 of the Bonfire Banter podcast which is now live here. Episode 17 is an episode that features Jamie our editor talking about a podcast of his own that he has got planned soon. To make sure that a main episode is craft and business related, we talked about LGBTQ+ when it comes to crafts & business. Give it a listen & tell me what you think!



Day after I received this months inkdrops parcel and it was fun to receive as always 😊

Ahead of receiving Aprils Makerly parcel, I decided to follow up on something I received a few months ago and that was I box from Makerly that was on how to make Cosmic Bath Bombs!



It was something completely different and interesting to make, I partly followed the instructions and done some of my own to make some as it was fun to make. It’s funny as I haven’t owned a bath in years, only a bath so never had the pleasure of using a bath bomb, so having to use a washing up bowl from the kitchen to show off the final results.



Your town/city normally has got some hidden gems, Northampton is no different. One of Northampton’s hidden gems is 78 Derngate, the only house in England designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.



I went to 78 Derngate either last year or the year before by myself but my mum has always wanted to go so thought on Tuesday morning that we would go and do what we needed to do around town afterwards.



We got there just as a tour was starting which was great as I just went around by myself the last time, so made this visit a lot more informative. We got there around 1.30 and finished the tour just about 3, as I hoped it was an informative 1hr and 30mins that I highly recommend going through if you ever want to visit 78 Dergnate.

We had something to eat and drink at the Dining Room café located in the museum before we headed off.




Day after I received this month’s Makerly parcel, you can find what’s inside the Makerly & Inkdrops boxes in the video above!

Speaking of video, something I have been committing myself to do daily is do a “Cherry Ramble”. A cherry ramble is a 10 second long video that I normally add onto my Instagram & Facebook stories about what BC is up to on that day. See some of them above!


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Not a bad place to meetup with someone 😁

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On Friday, me and my Bonfire Banter co-host Dene met up with the wonderful Nicole Navigates, a cool blogger that goes into the great and wonderful things you can do in Northampton(shire). You can find her blog here, reason for meeting up with this interesting lady is because we are planning on having her as a guest in a few weeks.

We met up at John Franklins in Northampton town, I got there early as it is for anyone in my family its’ just a habit haha better to get there early than late. I sat outside and actually  had  a great view of Northampton while I was waiting for Nicole and Dene, not bad!



Our previous guests have been Khandie photography, a cool & gorgeous photographer who we talked about transferable skills & a networking event she hosted. Search Bonfire Banter Podcast on your prefered podcast platform and search episode 13 & 14 to hear from Khandie!



Also Jenny from The Craft Fantastic who is a pretty & talented crafter where we talked about book binding, search for episode 11 for that!

As mentioned at the start that episode 17 of the Bonfire Banter podcast is now live, it’s from episode 18 you will find out about new format. Episode 19 to 23 are 5 minute long episodes so they are easier to listen to & making sure to keep them interesting so you can get hooked into them.

We are trying to find ways of getting loyal listeners of the podcast, PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW  IF YOU HAVE GOT ANY SUGGESTIONS!



Last thing I can think of for this weeks double CP is that I’m currently reading this book that Dene bought me last year for episode 9 and 10  of the podcast, what book are you reading at the moment?

Thanks for reading


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