The Cherry Post No.158 | A Dapper Night

The Cherry Post No.158 | A Dapper Night

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual, before I start the CP, just a reminder if you like art and crafts, I recommend you check out the Bonfire Banter podcast!

It’s a small podcast that I run with one of my best friends Dene that we have been producing since April 2018. You can find all the content we have produced so far by checking out The Great Shows here but you can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast & now Youtube!

With that out of the way, let’s start the post!

Actually I start off talking about the BBP, as good news.. The Bonfire Banter Podcast has now got a Patreon!

This is something that I helped set up during the week, it’s a way you can donate as much or little money that you are willing to send to help fund this small podcast & if it’s over a certain amount you can get a variety of awards in return of your support, you can find out more about the Patreon here!

During the week, I have taken over running the Bonfire Banter Podcast Twitter account (taking over from Dene, the co-host who doesn’t go on twitter that often). Something I did when I took over, was to update the avatar & banner to match the new logo the podcast has got (the logo will appear on upcoming new episodes).

The highlight of the past 7 days is something I attended that isn’t really Bonfirecherry related, but as the event was hosted by someone who is connected to Bonfirecherry in many ways that I will mention it in this weeks Cherry Post.




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At @khandiekhisses 's #prohibitionrooms

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On Sunday, I attended an event called the Prohibition Rooms at Phipps NBC brewery hosted by the amazing Khandie Khisses aka more connected to Bonfirecherry as Khandie Photography. The Prohibition Rooms was a evening in a brewery full of music, poetry, Burlesque and gin (BC recently has been loving the gin so that was even more a plus!).



I went to the event with my buddy and BBP co-host Dene, we got to the event just as its started (it runs in my family that we get to things early/just on time haha) and found a good place to sit with gin in hand before music started to play (there was a few people around room when you came in who were going to take part in the night).



When a lot of beautiful and dapper people were coming in at the start of the event, the host of the evening Khandie Khisses introduced herself & announced the fellow acts of the evening.

The evening started off with some amazing music by Hannah whose voice was wonderful. There was some poetry Kezzabelle Ambler.



The event had an appearance from the viral trending musician. Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq “No More.. To Give” whose beard I was rather jealous of, always wanted one like that but as I’m blonde it just doesn’t suit me. Anyway his music was amazing that Dene bought his cd that was available that evening & Ive got his songs on my phone via Spotify.



While I was at the event I did see/have a chat with , Michelle from Magnificent Makes UK, Steve from Friars Farm and Alex and Corrine from Lecor Paranormal (pictured above). I highly recommend checking them all 3 of them, click on their names to find out more!



The highlight of the evening was the performance from Khandie Kisses, I’ve been friends of Khandie for awhile now because she has been supporting Bonfirecherry so its been great to support Khandie in return and never seen her as Khandie Kisses so the performance was a highlight for me as much as it was for everyone else!

I am planning on doing a print of Khandie during April, that’s something to look forward to!

To end this post off, on the day this posts goes live (Friday 15th March) is my  birthday and I turn 29, so I thought for ONE DAY ONLY, ALL PRODUCTS AT THE BONFIRECHERRY SHOP IS REDUCED BY 20%! Click the banner above to find out more!

That’s  everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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