The Cherry Post No.157 | Start Rugging!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

 As usual, before I start the CP, just a reminder if you like art and crafts, I recommend you check out the Bonfire Banter podcast!

It’s a small podcast that I run with one of my best friends Dene that we have been producing since April 2018. You can find all the content we have produced so far by checking out The Great Shows here but you can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast & now Youtube!

With that out of the way, let’s start the post!

I ended the last post talking about The Start Of Something NN event, I spent last Friday morning editing last weeks Bonfirecherry Youtube channel video which was about me vblogging the event, that I decided to call “Bonfirecherry & The Start Of Something NN” (I know original name). You can watch the video above, it did take me awhile to edit. Maybe I should do more vblogs in the future?


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Oh look at what I've been baking!

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Something I will go later into in this CP is the Northampton Creative Meet-Up and something I made..or  should I say baked on Friday was a cute badge for the meet-up, what do you think?!



During the week, I did a follow-up on something I received in January, which was a Rag Rugging kit from Makerly when I did the January unboxing video (which you can watch here). It was between that or a vblog about networking/meet-ups but decided on the rag rugging as it was something different and interesting to try out.



To prepare for the video I made sure to cut some fabric close to the size that Makerly gave in their instructions and on Thursday morning I recorded the video, you will have to wait for Saturday for the video!


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As you will find in the video when it goes live, that I enjoyed it and it’s not something that can be confined to one video so I will continue to ragrug in my spare time and keep you updated on social media with #BCMakerly and show the rags off in future content such as next weeks CP or youtube video.



When it comes to unboxing videos, I also receive items from Inkdrops and during the week I have been using this super cool clip board on various projects this week, so suits me to the t haha

This weeks CP ends with me talking about March’s Northampton Creative Meet-up, as mentioned at the start




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Oh that was yummy!

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Like the last meet-up, it was at the Zapato Lounge and I got there about an hour early to have some Tapas & discuss a few things with one of my best friends & Bonfire Banter podcast co-host Dene to discus future plans for the podcast & #BCHoliday to Japan which the flight was booked a few weeks ago so it was fun!




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I just love H's smile haha #NNCreativemeetup

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As usual for any meet-up, there was a few people who contacted around the start of the meet-up that they couldn’t come due to illness etc but still had an amazing turn out in my eyes as we had a full table and there was a lot of discussions during the night!

I am looking forward to the next meet-up!

Thanks for reading!


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