The Cherry Post No.154 + 155 | Updating The Bonfire

The Cherry Post No.154 + 155 | Updating The Bonfire

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual, before I start the CP, just a reminder if you like art and crafts, I recommend you check out the Bonfire Banter podcast!

It’s a small podcast that I run with one of my best friends Dene that we have been producing since April 2018. You can find all the content we have produced so far by checking out The Great Shows here but you can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast & now Youtube!

With that out of the way, lets start the post!

I confess this is going to be an awkward CP for me as I’ve been pretty busy with work recently that I haven’t had the time to do any print work and no orders to talk about but I’ve got stuff to talk about anyway that is Bonfirecherry related.

Well this week I’ve been working on a few projects that I sadly can’t show but can talk about. The first is building up a physical Bonfirecherry archive of all my prints, just planning everything out at the moment but thought it be more professional to show off a big folder of 100+ designs I’ve produced over the years.

Going on from that, Bonfirecherry turns 6 years old in April this year. So I have been planning early about what I can do this year to make it special. Maybe a livestream where I try numerous things that are cherry related or livestream with some of my creative friends etc, got any ideas what I should do? Please comment below!

Something I can show that I worked on this week was a change regarding the Bonfire Banter podcast. The logo for the podcast at the moment has the Bonfirecherry logo as part of it, it was an idea I came up with last year make it look professional. I think it was an idea between myself, Dene one of the co-hosts & Jamie the editor of having the logo on some tote bags I can sell at the Bonfirecherry shop which can help fund the podcast.



With that that’s when the idea for a new logo came into mine that I finally got around to looking in this week. I got inspired by a Bonfirecherry linocut poster design I produced a few years ago called Bonfire Heart, that I edited slightly.

What do you think?

Something that you will see tomorrow is a brand new Bonfirecherry youtube channel video that will show off what  I got from Ink Drops & Makerly as I loved what I got from them last month!



Finally got around this week to be paying for the flight for this years #BCHoliday to Japan which I will be traveling to in November, super excited!

As mentioned before that I’ve been doing tons of OT which will help make the trip super enjoyable, downside that it has taken me away from Bonfirecherry work but it will only be temporary!

I mentioned the Bonfire Banter podcast at the start and in the middle of the post, so lets end the post talking about it. Apologises for the lack of new content recently, Dene the co-host and one of the editors has been away on holiday for a few week so that has caused a bit of a delay, sorry about that!

I think that’s all I can think of for this weeks CP, thanks for reading!


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