The Cherry Post No.151 | Good & Bad News

The Cherry Post No.151 | Good & Bad News

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual before I start, the day this post goes live I will be recording new and exciting episodes of the Bonfire Banter podcast with co-host Dene and our editor Jamie!

You can listen to all episodes plus the pre-shows and our Christmas special exclusively via The Great Shows here. You can listen to all the episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast & most recently Youtube!

With that out of the way, lets start this weeks CP!

Lets go all the way back to last Friday.

Well before Christmas I ordered 2 monthly subscription boxes from Makerly & Inkdrops which I thought would be great to open via video that I will only have the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel. During last week I received the box from InkDrops and then on Thursday I received the box from Makerly.

As I didn’t have any plans on Friday morning I decided to record Bonfirecherry’s first unboxing video in well over a year. I was that impressed with that I got from Makerly & Inkdrops that I added the video to the channel the next day, delaying a video I had planned to this Saturday. You can watch the video above, if you’ve got a youtube account, be sure to subscribe to the channel if you like the content!

Around lunch time on Friday, I met up with Dene aka the Bonfire Banter podcast where we discussed plans for the upcoming episodes that we will be recording today. We also discussed #BCHoliday for this year which I will go into later in this post.

On Sunday I headed over to Denes place to record episode 15 of the Bonfire Banter podcast. This was a fun recording session as we haven’t recorded anything since October 2018 so it took awhile to set everything up. While Dene was setting up, he did give me something to try which you can watch in the video above. It was a fun recording session.

Most of this week I’ve been spending planning on how I run Bonfirecherry on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube alongside as it can be very challenging as I run 8 social media accounts in total.

On Monday I did find and re-produced a classic Bonfirecherry design that I haven’t produced for well over 3 years to my recollection, Jokers Last Laugh! Maybe the design will be coming to the classic section of the Bonfirecherry shop soon?

Going on from a classic Bonfirecherry design, in the very last CP of 2018 I showed off a modern version of the classic Bonfirecherry design “The Mysterious Philosopher”. There has been a delay but finally have got the design available to order from Bonfirecherry here.

Last night I attended another Self Improvement meet-up hosted by the Bonfire Banter podcast’s co-host Dene, something I worked on during the week for the group to help with any quiet/awkward moments was a box full of conversation starters (roughly round 50 or so that I wrote up by hand).

It was such a fun evening.

Something I got inspired by from the Self Improvement group was a monthly Northampton Creative Meet-Up, which was something I set up this week.

I think that’s everything about what Bonfirecherry but that’s not all for this post.

This years #BCHoliday is going to be Japan in late 2019, with that there is going to be some changes to Bonfirecherry during this year that I have to announce.

To start off with, I’m having to cancel/postpone the release of more Bonfirecherry t-shirts til late 2019/or when everything is ready  for my trip to Japan. Trust me it’s not a decision I’m making lightly as I’ve had so much plans I’ve had for the t-shirts but this years #BCHoliday to Japan is a dream holiday destination for me eg my open love for Japanese manga, downside to japan it’s an expensive country but with what I’ve got planned with Dene there will be a lot done there that won’t cost so much.

One of the big things is that I might not be doing any appearances at fairs eg but will have to wait and see on that.

I’m now going through everything I’ve had for the upcoming months and change it somewhat.

There will still be doing new designs coming to Bonfirecherry, you should see a brand new design in the next few days.

I will do a proper post about this soon.

I think that’s everything for this weeks CP post, got any questions? Comment below or contact BC here.

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