The Cherry Post No.149 + 150 | The Return

The Cherry Post No.149 + 150 | The Return

Hello all to the very first Chery Post of 2019!

It’s  been a fun start to the year, but before that I remind you amazing people that Bonfirecherry runs a podcast with his friend Dene and Jamie our editor called the Bonfire Banter podcast, where we chat crafts to business with some funny banter!

So far we have released 14 episodes and some amazing bonus content which you can find via The Great Shows here. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify & now youtube!

With that out of the way, lets go into the first Cherry Post of 2019!

Bonfirecherry returned from its Christmas/New Years break last Saturday, but since the start of 2019 I have been busy.

At the very start of 2019, I was busy with Bonfirecherry’s youtube channel that I promised to work on since the new year and I have been keeping that promise. I’ve been releasing a new video to the channel every Saturday and I will still be doing that such as the new video that will be added to the channel tomorrow. You can find the Bonfirecherry youtube channel here, my goal is to reach 100+ subscribers by April 2019 aka when Bonfirecherry turns six years old!

While not Bonfirecherry related but as it involves this site so thought I mention it, when the CP was on it’s break I decided to publish a personal blog post about being happy, find the blog post here (please keep in mind that the post isn’t going to be for everyone).





I attended a few networking groups in 2018 and started 2019 by attending some self-improvement groups run by the Bonfire Banter Podcast co-host Dene during the past 2 weeks. I’ve attended them because I want to support Dene and because  I want to improve a few things such as how I run Bonfirecherry etc. Do you attend any meet-ups? Comment below as I am curious what sort of groups are there out there!



I met up with Khandie Photography last week, I met up as she will be helping me with a Bonfirecherry project that you will see next month. Speaking of Khandie, for those who don’t know she is also known as Khandie Kisses and she will be doing a show in March that I will be attending (see the ticket for it above)!



A request I get from time to time is the option of buying old classic Bonfirecherry designs from Bonfirecherry’s shop. So when I reopened the Bonfirecherry shop last Saturday, classic Bonfirecherry designs such as The Aviator & Typewriter are now available alongside products I produced by hand last year. Click the header at the top of the page to find the shop!


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I did have the problem shown above by a mistake done by a facebook bot but thankfully it's not corrected.

On the same day of the shop re-opening, a new Bonfirecherry youtube channel video was attended a second part of a video series I’ve been producing where I talk about books that I have inspired Bonfirecherry!

While I’m talking about the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel, the day this post goes live I will be recording an unboxing video! It’s been almost a year since the last unboxing videos so I’m excited!

I think that’s enough for this post, thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to comment if you want to reply to anything I have said or if you’ve got any feedback on anything!


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