The Cherry Post No.147 + 148 | Reflecting On 2018

The Cherry Post No.147 + 148 | Reflecting On 2018

Hello all to the final Cherry Post of 2018!

As always before I start the post, if you like subjects around crafts or business I recommend checking out the Bonfire Banter podcast which you can find via The Great Shows here. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Google Podcast & Spotify too!

With the final 2 weeks of Bonfirecherry before this printmaker goes on it’s Christmas/new years break, I confess I’ve been busy with retail work and planning stuff for 2019!

I’ve got big plans for 2019 such as a collaboration among with other projects that you will like.

For the past 2 weeks when I’ve had the time free I’ve been busy with the Bonfirecherry youtube channel, building up the content with old and new videos such as the one you can find above and trying to build subscribers. I’ve got big plans for 2019 such as  unboxings and interesting videos that you will only find at the Bonfirecherry youtube channel. Subscribe to the channel here and support Bonfirecherry, it will truly mean a lot.

Something I will doing for 2019 is bringing back classic Bonfirecherry designs such as the very first design I produced all the way back in 2013, The Mysterious Philosopher. The problem with The Mysterious Philosopher design is that I lost the lino for it around 2015, so I’ve decided this week to re-do the design and update it.

For the Bonfirecherry Youtube Channel, I decided to record a video of yours truly carving & printing the design. The video won’t be live til Saturday 22nd at 7pm GMT here.

With that out of the way, I thought  for the final Cherry Post of 2018 that I will  reflect on the past 12 months.



Let’s go all the way back to March this year where me and Dene (one of my friends and Bonfire Banter podcast co-host, I will get to the podcast in a sec) have a trip to Amsterdam, which I called #BCAmsterdam for the trip to take pictures that I uploaded to social media so it was easy to find online.



It was such an inspirational and fun trip to somewhere there I always want to go (the other place being Japan). See above for 1 of the linocut prints which was inspired by Amsterdam. I talk about in CP 107 and 108.



The fun continued into April where me and Dene recorded the very first episode of the Bonfire Banter podcast. The podcast was an idea me and Dene have in mind for awhile and chatted about during #BCAmsterdam and when we had a weekend free in April, Dene came over to my house and into the Bonfirecherry print shed (being 1 of only 3 people who has being a guest in the shed) and we introduced ourselves and talked about printmaking. You can find the very first episode of the podcast here, as you will find out by giving it a listen that Bonfire Banter wasn’t the first name we had in mind for the podcast

I talked about this in the 111th Cherry post which you can find here.



Bonfirecherry turned 5 years old in April this year, to celebrate this milestone for this printmaker/small business I done a joint twitter and facebook livestream which you can find above, there is cake involved! Check out the 112th Cherry Post which you can find here where I talk about when Bonfirecherry turned five.





A small highlight of the year for me was some great finds that I managed to get for the print shed and stall at car boots (I think it’s called swamp meets in America? If you’re an American please let me know 😊 )! I managed to find a nice wooden ladder and easel for a stall. I got some office chest of drawers for the print shed all of which I got at amazing prices that you wouldn’t find anywhere else at the same price!

Bonfirecherry got involved with The Princes Trust this year and I attended a workshop hosted in June. It was very informative, you can find all about the workshop here.

Khandie is one of the many words I would use to describe this year. Khandie Kisses aka Khandie Photography has been a support of Bonfirecherry for a few years now and in 2018 I  decided to return the support she has given this small business.



To start it off, she was the first person I interviewed in The Cherry Ladies Interviews. A series of interviews I had with amazing and creative ladies who are connected to Bonfirecherry, you can find them all here.



October was a fun month as at the start of the month, Me and Dene were invited to a wonderful networking event that Khandie was hosting at a pub!

Networking & booze? Yep you heard that right and it was amazing. You can read all about the event here.



Towards the end of the year, Khandie appeared as a second guest on the Bonfire Banter podcast. It was so much fun having her as a guest, it was an honour of having her on where we talk about the networking event that I mentioned above and she gave some wonderful business advice. We recorded alot of content with Khandie, we have released some content at the time of this post with the pre-show for episode 13 and episode 13 itself that you can find via The Great Shows here with episode 14 & some bonus content coming out soon.

I go into the good and bad news of the year by checking out the CP’s 143rd here.

I think that’s everything for the final Cherry Post of 2018, thank you to everyone who has supported Bonfirecherry and been reading the Cherry Post, it truly means a lot!

See you all in the new year!


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