The Cherry Post No.146 | Hit Or Miss

The Cherry Post No.146 | Hit Or Miss

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

This weeks CP is a bit different this time around but before that.

Just a reminder if you like subjects relating from crafts to business, check out the Bonfire Banter podcast. It’s a podcast run by myself and one of my best friends Dene which we have been running since April this year. So far we have talked about craft fairs, how to find your business market, how to deal with bad customer feedback among other subjects. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify & if you want to listen to our pre-shows with the main episodes you can find them all on The Great Shows here. Me and Dene will be recording our Christmas special this Saturday!

As you can see at the banner at the top of the page, Bonfirecherry has got a youtube channel now! Ive got 2 videos uploaded it so far, the one on the front page and another that I added to the channel on Small Business Saturday where I talked about the origins of Bonfirecherry (even some info that I have never told anyone over the past 5 years!) and why its great to support small businesses, check out the video here!

With that out of the way, lets start this weeks CP!

As explained at the start, this post is going to be different due to Ive been busy with retail work that has distracted me from print work.

But this week is special due to on Thursday evening, Bonfirecherry will be attending The Duston Schools Christmas Food & Gift Market in Northampton (UK) which is BC’s only Christmas event that will print maker will be attending this year.


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That's all the prints ready for tomorrow

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So during my time free during the past few days I have been making everything is ready such as updating the business cards Ive got with all the fair products with the new ones I got recently with the new BC logo.

By Wednesday evening I had A5/A4/A3 linocut prints, totes, makeup bags, tea towels, medium drawstring bags, extra large drawstring bags and badges ready for the event.


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That's everything the car ready for tonight!

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This event was different for me as over the past 4 years I have been doing fairs, this will be the first time I will be driving myself to an event. All previous events I have been given lifts from friends and family members as it was only earlier this year I passed my driving test, may not mean a lot to most but it does to me as previous events I booked to attend I have  to find out if I can get a lift from them first if they are free that day.

I will be looking into 2019 events soon and this time around  I will  be able to book any that I want (within distant I feel confident in driving to of course).



Anyway I got to the event early and thankfully didn’t take me long to set up so I was able to chill before the event started.

The last time I appeared at The Duston school it was in 2016 and just by fate that I appeared in almost the same location this time around.

Doing fairs is very hit or miss and sadly without going into too much (saying that, there isn’t really a lot to say) it was just a miss for me. The event just isn’t for me it seems which was a sham as the school is only up the road from my house so didn’t take me long to travel in the car.

I haven’t had much luck with events this year, the last one I did earlier this year was the same time as an England World Cup game, Wimbledon and tons of other events going on that day that just emptied the venue after a few hours.

I think in the new year I will have to think a lot about venues I choose, in 2019 I am thinking of doing totally different venues/events not ones that I have done before and now I can drive, I don’t have to rely on people free on that day to give me lift etc

I do need to start to look into 2019 events but I will wait to my Christmas break to do that.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading!


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