The Cherry Post No.145 | Updated &  Upcoming

The Cherry Post No.145 | Updated & Upcoming

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

It’s  been another interesting week for Bonfirecherry as you will find out in this post!

Before I go into what  Bonfirecherry has done during the past few days, I highly recommend checking out this post here as I go into some important dates regarding Bonfirecherry during Christmas 2018 and New Years 2019, especially if you are planning on ordering a product from Bonfirecherry soon.

With that out of the way, lets get on with this week’s CP!

I start off by talking about the Bonfirecherry print shed where on Friday morning, I was working on some orders such as an order for one of “For The Big Day” extra large drawstring bag (main picture this post) which you can find here at the Bonfirecherry shop.



During the week I got informed from a family member, that their work place was getting rid of a box full of t-shirts and polo shirts and they saved them for me  which  I couldn’t say  no to, I received the  box on Friday evening after I finished work.

In total (as I found out later during the week when I counted them) there was about 32 t-shirts/polo shirts that I got for free!

Sadly you won’t see these  t-shirts/polo shirts til 2019,  all I can say for now that  t-shirts will be a main focus for Bonfirecherry next year but more about that closer to the time!



Most of this week has mainly consisted of planning 2019 projects and preparing for next weeks event.  With the updated Bonfirecherry logo recently that something I decided to work on this week, was brand new business cards as I always like to update them every now and then so contact information is up to date and the print work I show off on the back side of it is recent/current.


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Before and after

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Monday was a pretty crafty day, I started off the Monday morning changing the colour of the cork board I bought last week for the badges to red to match the red ladder I use to display badges at fairs.

To get the video appearing on the front page of this site I had to upload the video to youtube or vimeo, for those who know Bonfirecherry well, it used to be a college project around 2010 and around that time I used to do video blogs on vimeo but after a few years and more increasing videos on Vimeo I was forced to upgrade to a pro account which I couldn’t afford at the time so had to let it get deleted. Anyway back tomorrow, I was debating between youtube and vimeo and as I have got a youtube account (mainly for personal use) I decided to upload onto their.

I was thinking in 2019  if I become a “Youtuber” and upload video related content on there. What do you think?? Comment below and tell me what you think of this idea.



Behind the scenes of yours truly running Bonfirecherry, the two things I use to help run this small business is my mobile phone that I had to upgrade recently (see the recent Cherry Posts about that) and a tablet/laptop. Well I did have a tablet/laptop til this week after the piece of tech more or less gave up on life so had to buy a new work laptop this week. Thankfully it didn’t take that long to switch everything over eg all the important admin work, old Bonfirecherry pics etc.

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned new content of the Bonfire Banter podcast, all I can say for the reason is some changes behind the scene that has delayed editing, well the podcast is still small (we recorded our first episode in April) so it’s ok but as we grow we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.



Anyway back to why I’m mentioning the Bonfire Banter podcast is because on Wednesday morning, the pre-show for episode 13 went live on the Great Shows which you can listen to here. This is the first of many amazing and interesting content we recorded with Khandie Photography/Khandie Kisses, in the pre-show we had a chat about photography and burlesque. You will love the content we have got planned to record and release before the end of 2018!

I’ve mentioned a few times on social media and here at during 2018 that there is places around Northampton(shire) that you can purchase framed linocut prints that can’t be purchased elsewhere. At the start of the year there was a print at The Plump Partridge, The Bread and Butter Factory, Magee St Bakery and the Free From Pantry. Now towards the end of 2018 there is only Magee St Bakery in Northampton (that whom I have worked with in the past, see the bakery for more info using the search bar at the top).

Reason I’m mention Magee St Bakery is because I visited the wonderful café which had a change of ownership earlier the year, to update the art work I’ve got in there and while I was there, have to some breakfast as it’s always good to support small local businesses.

The linocut print I put in the bakery was a vintage robot design I decided to call “Astro” after the famous fictional robot boy. What do you think of the print? Please comment below

I’m looking forward to Bonfirecherry’s first and only christmas event (see “Upcoming event” on the front page of I’m planning on doing some print work for it either Friday or Saturday that you will have to wait til next weeks CP to find out about that!

I think that’s it for this week’s CP, thanks for reading!



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