The Cherry Post No.144 | Time lapse!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post, hope everyone is well?!





I start off by continuing what I was talking about at the end of last week’s post which was published last Friday, I worked on bringing back camera prints back to such as the returning favourite Camera No.2 and the brand new Camera No.4, which you can find here. Comment below and tell me if you prefer Camera No.2 or No.4?!


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Custom Camera No. 4 tote in pink

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Going on from the Camera No.4 design, I got commissioned from a returning Bonfirecherry customer to produce a Camera No.4 tote bag which I worked on Saturday morning in bright pink, what do you think of the design?



A few days before I was in talks with a Bonfirecherry customer to produce a ladybird inspired tote bag which I produced shortly after the Camera No.4 tote bag. It was pretty fun to produce that I’ve decided to add it to which you can find here.




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Phew. I finish the rest tomorrow

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The Bonfirecherry print shed gets messy pretty quick, on Monday I spent the morning cleaning the shed and worked on the printing table even though I know it won’t be clean for long but I like how the shed looks like now, I just have to make sure to keep it like that.

I talked about my new work phone last week, one of the cool things the phone has got is a pretty good camera with such great built in features such as Slow-mo, AR Lens, 3D Panorama and time lapse. I felt a bit adventurous this week, that when I wanted to do a video of me gift wrapping the order for the ladybird inspired tote that I mentioned above that I decided to do a time lapse instead of a Instagram video.



It took awhile to work on how I was going to record it but see the video above on how I did it, I got a lot of great feedback about it!


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Badges I've baked this morning!

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Baked some new badges on Wednesday morning.


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What badge design is your favourite?

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It’s not long now til Bonfirecherry’s first and only Christmas event that this small business will be appearing at, that I started working on preparing stock for it. Compared to previous events I haven’t got much to do but it’s always good to prepare early.



I got a lot of great customer feedback this week that I have updated the Bonfirecherry Customer feedback page that you can read here!



Yesterday/Thursday started off back in the print shed where I worked on order for some Camera No.2 Pink and Ladybird tote bags. Going on from my liking for time lapse videos, that I done another video of me producing a ladybird tote bag, I’ve liked it that much that I’ve added it to the front page of, comment below on your thoughts on it!

The Friday this blog post will be published on is no normal Friday... it’s Black Friday and with that there is a ONE DAY SALE WHERE SELECTED ITEMS ARE REDUCED BY 15%!

Part from Black Friday, there is also Cyber Monday coming up that I’ve decided to come up with some special offers for those two days (selected Bonfirecherry customers & those who sign up for the newsletter down below were informed about this during the week).

Cyber Monday will bring FREE SHOPPING to for one day only!

I think with that, I will end the post for this week, thanks for reading!


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