The Cherry Post No.143 | Bad & Good News!

The Cherry Post No.143 | Bad & Good News!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

Before I start, just a reminder if yo have got Facebook to like the Bonfirecherry & the Bonfire Banter Podcast facebook pages a like. Any support on them will truly mean a lot. I want to start a giveaway on Facebook when I reach 1k likes on the Bonfirecherry FB page!

With that out of the way, lets start this week’s Cherry Post.



I start off with something sad, if you have been supporting Bonfirecherry for a few years or are a reader of the Cherry Post, The Plump Partridge is a small Northampton based café that I have been supporting since 2016 because they have been supporting Bonfirecherry.

I was briefly aware of this a few weeks ago that I took out the print I had in there but didn’t know all the details, but on Friday the small café announced they will be closing on Friday on their social websites that they will be closing on Saturday.

The location of the Plump Partridge is still going to be a café run by a charity called Track that helps Autistic adults get into the work place.



I wasn’t able to visit the café on it’s last day, so instead I decided to do a blog post called “The Plump Partridge Connection” which you can read here, I think the title will give away what it is about.

Speaking of 2016, it was during that year that I produced some medium sized wrapping fabric/knot-wrap for the first time. As you saw me produce last week I have got around to producing some new designs starting with “Finches On The Hunt” which you can find here! MORE DESIGNS COMING SOON!

Not print related but my work phone which was old iPhone 6s (I had a nokia Lumia 920 before that but that broke ) but more or less gave up on life this week, thankfully my phone contract finished a few months ago so after a trip to my mobile provider on Tuesday I was able to get myself a new work phone on that morning at no upfront cost which was great.



I met up with Khandie Photography (great lady, read the 1st of the Cherry ladies Interviews with her here) recently and she recommended the phone she had because of the great camera it I’ve got myself a Huawei Mate20 Pro.

Took the whole of Tuesday to get everything the way I like it eg so I can run Bonfirecherry as I did on my other phone eg so I can access to this site, the Bonfirecherry social media accounts, pics of my products etc. Khandie was right, the camera on it is great. I will test it a lot more in the next few days



This delayed something I had planned til Wednesday, which was a tea towel design inspired by stamps/unicorns/pirates which I hope to have available soon!



I said at the start of the post that I had a print at the Plump Partridge, it wasn’t/isn’t the only place in Northampton that I had prints in. There is 2 other places, one of them was The Bread & Butter Factory found in Northampton town where I had two linocut prints in there (Can You Even Walk In Those & The Bag That Contains Everything), I’m saying this in past I woke up to Thursday morning to a message from the café saying they have been sold!



So the only place you can purchase framed & mounted linocut prints is now the Free From Pantry in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Which design out of the three is your favourite?



Going on with cameras earlier, I produced a new linocut print that at the time I’m writing this I haven’t decided a name for part from Camera No.4 (to follow the trend of Camera No.1 which was based on a digital camera, Camera No.2 which you can see on the tote bags and soon as prints based on a film camera, Camera No.3 was the text camera of a small camera design I produced for the knot-wraps in 2016).

I hope to have the design available as a print alongside the return of the Camera No.2 prints on the day this blog post goes live!

I think that’s everything I can think of for this week, thanks for reading!


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