The Cherry Post No.142 | Busy, Busy Busy!

The Cherry Post No.142 | Busy, Busy Busy!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

It’s been another productive week, so without any delay lets get on with it!



I start off by talking about some print work I did in the print shed, I showed off some Atmos The Unicorn t-shirts last week and one of my returning customers asked for some Camera No.2 t-shirts which I printed on Friday in Grey & Pink. Do you want one too? Contact Bonfirecherry here with what size (S-XL) and I can make you one 😊 (at a good price of course).



Later on Friday, I booked Bonfirecherry’s first and only Christmas fair, The Duston Schools (my old upper/secondary school) Christmas Food & Gift Market on Thursday 6th December (5pm til 8pm). I am looking forward to it!



I spent basically the whole of Saturday working on the first stage of two big projects. The first was the tea towel design inspired unicorns and the second was for the extra large drawstring bags. Most of the day was on the tea towel design, I had a brief idea In mind but it kept on changing til the design you can see above. At the time I’m writing this I’ve only just started to carve the lino as its going to take me a fair few hours and have been debating how I’m going to carve it and might change what I carve so it doesn’t get too expensive etc but more about that next week.



The second project was the lino for the extra large drawstring bag, originally I was thinking about doing a drawstring bag version of the Cherry Cherry Christmas but after some thinking I decided to go with a design that can be used for birthdays & other occasions not just Christmas. I decided to go with a pile of presents.






Between Sunday to Monday I was busy with work so I didn’t return to the shed til Tuesday. But before that I finished off and sent orders I had the past few days ago. Something I did while processing those orders, was update the new Bonfirecherry logo on the sales receipts, invoices, iron on labels & stickers (it’s only the business cards and fair banner that I can’t change just yet).



I made a change to the cost of UK P&P from £5 to £2!



After all that I first worked on an order for a double sided Camera No.2 (Black) tote bag. Still a great design that I love to produce. Want one too? Order here.



While that was drying, I spent awhile carving the drawstring bag design that I now call “For The Big Day” before printing it with a new red fabric screen printing ink onto the bag. I really liked how it turned out. It’s available to order here.



If you are a fan of the Bonfire Banter podcast, episode 12 went live on The Great Shows/iTunes/Google Podcast/Spotify on Wednesday, this was the second episode that features the podcasts first ever guest Jenni from The Craft Fantastic. You can listen to the episode via The Great Shows here (which you can listen to on your desktop or pc).

During this month you will expect a special episode, pre-show and two episodes of the Bonfire Banter podcast featuring our second guest, Khandie Photography/Khandie Kisses. These were just as enjoyable to record as the episodes recorded with Jenni but these ones will be mostly NSFW.



Going on Khandie, I mentioned earlier in this CP that I produced some Camera No.2 t-shirts, they were for her and during the week I received this cool piece of feedback from her that made me smile!

Me, Dene and Jamie, our podcast editor are currently working on our Christmas special(s?) that we hope to record at the end of the month. On how the three of us has been planning it, it’s going to be fun to record and fun to listen to when it comes out next month.


On Wednesday I produced a new print that I have later called “Zeus” which I turned into a new badge design that you can find here.

Most of Wednesday I spent trying to work out how to take pictures of the “For The Big Day” as they are one of the biggest products I have ever produced, I normally would use a big white board to take pictures of Bonfire products with a white background but the bag was too big so took me awhile to work out how but got there in the end, its been awhile since I had a challenge like that.

Yesterday I baked the “Zeus” badges, there is something about seeing the designs shrink in the oven is fun to watch.

Later yesterday I re-printed the “Finches On The Hunt” knot-wrap (the main pic for this blog post is the design in progress), which along with other products will be coming to Bonfirecherry next week.

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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