The Cherry Post No.140 + 141 | New Everything!

Hello all to this week’s double cherry post!

It has been a busy week and there has some changes to Bonfirecherry which I am looking forward to talk about, but first lets start from last week!

I confess there isn’t much to say about last week as I was busy with work but the only important thing I did was do something that I’ve been asked for the past 5 years, to produce the Bonfirecherry logo made using linocut printmaking!



I have to admit I always been a bit sceptical if I’m able to do the logo justice in linocut but I was wrong, the printed logos turned out well.

As you will find out later in the post, that I liked them that much I took them further!



At the end of the week I ordered a lot of new stuff that you will see coming to Bonfirecherry during early November!

Something that I should have updated when I added the new products to Bonfirecherry was the policies page that I finally got around to updating on Saturday. See header to find the policies page!



On Monday a lot of the stuff I ordered at the end of last week arrived such as extra large drawstring bags (bigger than the ones I had last year), tote bags, some different gusset toe bags that Ive used in the past, tea towels again like the drawstring bags and gusset totes are ones I’ve never used before. You will most likely see at least 2 of the items available at next week or so.

As you may know, I run the Bonfire Banter podcast with my best friend Dene and our editor Jamie that we have been producing since April this year.


In terms of social presence for the Bonfire Banter podcast, there was only the Bonfire Banter Podcast Twitter account but not anymore.. the podcast from this Tuesday has now got a facebook page that is run me, Dene and our editor Jamie!

You can check out and like the page here, any likes & support will truly mean a lot!





Something else that arrived on Tuesday was some lovely scarves, something different to print on and should have available next week after I work out how to photograph the item! Comment below or contact Bonfirecherry if you got any suggestions!



For Wednesday aka the last day of October I decided to follow up on something I did last week, which was the Bonfirecherry logo in linocut. Shortly after I printed the logo, I had the idea to use it as Bonfirecherry’s new logo so it has more connection to the brand aka being a linocut printmaker



To give the new logo a professional feel in the way I wanted I spent most of Wednesday morning on Adobe photoshop & illustrator working on it. I haven’t used adobe since college (2010) so had to follow some tutorials online and advice from supports on the Bonfirecherry social accounts which really helped.

I have changed the Bonfirecherry logo here at & the social media accounts. I will update the business cards & banners before Bonfirecherry’s first and only Christmas event of 2018 which I should be announcing soon!

Later on Wednesday more stuff arrived such as bandanas for Furoshiki/wrapping fabric & probably the biggest piece of lino I have ever seen (A1) which is going to be for the tea towels & the giant drawstring bags.

After the arrival of those amazing items, I worked on yet another order for the Atmos The Unicorn tote bags that have became a very popular Bonfirecherry product!



Yesterday (Thursday) continued to be a good day as it was the first of November, so with Halloween out of the way I can now focus on Christmas related stuff so on Thursday morning I headed to the kitchen to bake some Candy Cane badges which you can watch in the video above (was also live on Instagram briefly too). The candy cane badges are now available which you can find here!



Not long after I produced the badges... t-shirts arrived!


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I’ve had an order recently for Atmos the Unicorn to be printed on t-shirts so I thought why not order some in some different colours to print on as the design has been very popular recently so that’s what I did on Thursday afternoon.

I will have some Camera No.2 t-shirts printed in the next few days!



I will be producing new Furoshiki/wrapping fabric/knot-wrap this morning, starting off with a new design “Finches On The Hunt” which I will also print on magenta & light pink fabric too.

I think that’s all for this week!

Thanks for reading!


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