The Cherry Post No.139 | Khandie Banter

The Cherry Post No.139 | Khandie Banter

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

It’s been another fun week for Bonfirecherry, mainly because of the Bonfire Banter podcast.

For those who don’t know, me and one of my best friends Dene run the podcast where we talk about crafts to business with some funny banter!

You can listen to the podcast on The Great Shows, iTunes, Google Podcast & now Spotify!



The reason for talking about the Bonfire Banter podcast because last weekend we had our second ever guest, Khandie Photography also known as Khandie Kisses.

Khandie Photography might sound familiar as I have mentioned the name a few times in the past, most recently as she was the first person I had a chat with in The Cherry Ladies Interviews, which you can read here.



Khandie is someone I was truly honoured to have a guest on the podcast as she is a supporter of Bonfirecherry and I have been thinking of ways of returning the support she gives me (my motto is If someone respects you, always good to return the respect), with her it truly turned into a fun and long recording session.

We recorded a lot with Khandie, the pre-show for episode 13, episode 13, episode 14 and something special. All I can say that episode 13 is about networking, photography and most of the stuff we will release featuring Khandie will be have a NSFW warning on it. You will have to wait and see to understand what I mean by that!

I believe we were recording just over 2 hours of recording some amazing and informative Bonfire Banter podcast content.


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Afterwards we headed out for pizza at Brooklyn Pizza in Northampton town centre, the same place we went after we recording episode 11 & 12 with Jenni from The Craft Fantastic.

This might be a tradition for appearing as a guest on the Bonfire Banter podcast, live in Northampton and interested? Email!

Speaking of episode 11, the pre-show and it’s main episode with Jenni should be live by the time you are reading this or shortly after!

As mentioned at the start, the Bonfire Banter podcast is now available on Spotify but for some reason that needs sorting out that it’s only episode 5 to 10/11 that are appearing!

Me, Dene and Jamie our podcast editor are currently planning a cool Christmas special of the podcast which we hope to record sometime next month, it will be festive and cool!



Going on Christmas, I confess I have been busy with work and some personal projects so haven’t done much printing this week but on the day this post goes live or on Saturday I should have 2018s Cherry Cherry Christmas tote bags available here at (drawstring versions should be available to order by early November)

Apologies for a short Cherry Post should be a longer post next week, thanks for reading!


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