The Cherry Post No.138 | Printing & Ranting

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

It’s been another productive week for Bonfirecherry, so lets get straight to it!


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Made some changes to!

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I spent the weekend updating this site with the pictures of the new products & updating the messenger bots I sometimes use eg the one with the facebook messenger logo at the bottom right of this website if you got any questions about anything. Still working on a few things to it at the time I’m writing this , but should be alright by the time you are reading this.



This Saturday, I will be recording a new episode of the Bonfire Banter podcast with my best friend/co-host Dene and our second guest!

I wish I could reveal who it is but you will have to find out through Bonfirecherry’s social media posts on Saturday. I have been spending the past week writing up the notes about it, which are going to be based around networking and networking events so it’s going to be interesting to talk about them with Dene and our special guest!

Episode 11 & 12 of the Bonfire Banter podcast which featured our first guest should be available soon, there has been some problems that has caused delays in getting them related but should alright soon. You will love them when they are live!

I said in this weeks Cherry Post that I was going to be ranting about something and that’s what I’m going to do about the tote bag delivery I had this week and the delivery services MyHermes.

I ordered some tote bags last Thursday, I was expecting them between Monday/Tuesday with me hoping they would arrive on Monday but nope didn’t arrive on either of those days. I found out on Monday that they were going to be sent to me via my least favourite delivery company, MyHermes which I have only used once before.

Here are the updates I got via their tracking options:

  • 41 – Monday 8th Oct. We’ve got your parcel and we’re processing it for you (remember I ordered these totes on THURSDAY the week before)
  • 36 – Tuesday 9th Oct. We’ve received your parcel
  • 47 – Wednesday 10th Oct. Your parcel is at our local depot and on it’s way to you . (Curious why it took about 23 hrs to get it transferred to the local depot)
  • 58 – Wednesday 10th October. Your Parcel is on it’s way to you


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That’s 1 of 7 finished!

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The reason for my rant is because when I ordered the totes I received some orders for the Atmos The Unicorn Totes that have been very popular since release and it’s not good on my part apologising to customers for the wait.


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Been awhile since I done a gift wrap video

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When they arrived I went straight into printing some, with one order getting sent out an hour later aka properly the quickest time I have processed & sent an order out!

In the whole five years of running Bonfirecherry I have never had such crappy service ordering a product, I can assure you I will not be using this seller again if they use MyHermes as I know there a lot better sellers out that I normally use but for last week I wanted to try a different seller and totally regret this.

MyHermes is now on my enemy list, I would go into the list but it’s not really something I can go into so maybe another time.

I’ve been promising 2 linocut prints designs for the past year or so. “Vintage Luna” a vintage dress inspired design and “Hollowell Steam” a design inspired by a steamroller at a event called Hollowell Steam Rally.

Well good news!



“Vintage Luna” is now available, which you can find here.



“Hollowell Steam” should be available by the end of Friday (aka the day this blog post is published)

Alongside “Hollowell Steam” there will be another design called “Black Sea Kraken” which will be available too.

I think that’s it for this weeks Cherry Post, thank you for reading!


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