The Cherry Post No.137 | Networking & Keeping Promises

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post

As you can probably tell from Bonfirecherry’s social media posts the past week and even the new look of Bonfirecherry, I’ve been busy this week!

But lets not rush into the new changes and stuff just yet.



Lets start from last weekend, where on Saturday I announced briefly what you will be expecting from Bonfirecherry during October. See the post above to see what I announced.





On Sunday evening I attended the networking event at Phipps Brewery located in Northampton hosted by the amazing Khandie Photography (click here if you want to read the interview I did with her as part of The Cherry Ladies Interviews) which I mentioned last week.

The event was on between 6 til 10pm and wasn’t like most networking events because it had booze.. as I suppose as it would expect after saying it was at a brewery haha but helped if you were a bit shy introducing yourself which some people try to overcome at this.

It was such a great evening, I got to the event early where I had a catch up with Khandie before networking with some of the creative people that attended such as Dave Underwood’s Signage, Murals and Artworks whose work was truly amazing to look at!

Dene, my Bonfire Banter podcast co-host also attended the event with me and while we were getting ideas for future guests. One of which have been booked for next Saturday, like Jenni from The Craft Fantastic, I won’t reveal who it is til the day we record the episode but you will love it’s going to be. Me and Dene are excited!

I didn’t leave the networking event emptied handed, I left with two bottles of Nettle wine. One of this was left over from a bottle used for the event that people who attended by try as there was some shot glasses containing the wine. The other I won, when you came to the networking event, it was suggested to put your business card into a bowl that was near the bar where you could win a bottle of the nettle wine or some colour changing gin (both was which were very nice!). Also left the event with business of those I spoke to such as Dave Underwood.

If Khandie does another networking event like this, for sure I will be attending it!

I mentioned the word creative when talking about the networking event and I like to use the word again to describe Monday & most of the week to be fair.



I started the week by closing the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop, as I will have the new shop opened fully by Saturday




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Yay new lino 😍

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On Monday, the materials I ordered a few days before such as totes, makeup bags, link & lino! The moment the materials arrived, I worked on putting the new designs I have teased for awhile such as Atmos the unicorn and drew a new tote bag version of Camera No.2 design (the front design went missing 1 or 2 years ago).

Seems like a random place to say this but so I don't forget, episode 10 of the Bonfire Banter podcast went live on Tuesday, apologies for the long wait as there was a big wait between episode 9 & 10. You can listen to the episode at The Great Shows, iTunes & Google Podcast.



Tuesday continued to be creative as I started the day off carving the designs that I mentioned above into the lino. As it’s been awhile since I’ve done some livestreams I decided to broadcast through Twitter/Periscope first carving Atmos The Unicorn design, which you can watch in the tweet above.

The livestream doesn’t contain the whole carving as I had to stop the livestream due to something and continued it through the Bonfirecherry Instagram.

As I done a livestream on Twitter/Periscope & Instagram, I decided on Wednesday morning to do one via the Bonfirecherry Facebook page of yours truly carving the new version of the popular Bonfirecherry product, Camera No.2 tote bag. It was fun to carve over livestream, I want to do more livestreams in the future around printing. Comment below with any suggestions you have got for what I could do!


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It’s been a productive morning 🙂

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After I carved the Camera No.2 lino, I went straight into printing the products that will soon be available at by tomorrow/Saturday such as Atmos The Unicorn, Camera No.2, Cosmos and Jeff Goes On A Rampage.


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Ive given a whole new look!

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When I finished printing, I had a brief break before giving this site a new look. I thought with the new stuff I give an update/a makeover.



I spent the rest of Wednesday taking some pics of the products I took so, uploaded them to the site, checked if the links work, if they work on Instagram (as I can link the site shop to Instagram & Facebook) and other stuff.



Thursday was the final creative day of the week which involves bright colours such as bright pink that I ordered this week mainly for the Unicorn inspired products and Camera No.2 totes. To go along with the other totes, I will be producing a limited run of Black & Gold version of the Yonko’s Messenger tote bags.

Before I finish, you may notice that I have just been mentioning totes/make-up and no mention of prints. New prints & other products are still coming but don’t want to rush myself straight away to produce a variety of different stock. Instead I am going to be releasing new products in phases.

  • Phase 1: Tote Bags & Make-Up Bags
  • Phase 2: Prints & Badges
  • Phase 3: Tea Towels & T-Shirts

 I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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