The Cherry Post No.136 | The Captain

The Cherry Post No.136 | The Captain

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual, before I start off the post I remind you at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop there is a big 50% off closing down sale!

All products have been reduced to such an amazing price, as you can see at the top of the page (if you are reading this on the day this published on aka Friday) on the announcement bar the Bonfirecherry shop will be closing after Sunday (30th September) so don’t miss out!

It’s been a fun week for Bonfirecherry mainly because of the Bonfire Banter Podcast because on Saturday we recorded some new episodes WITH OUR FIRST EVER GUEST who was Jenni from the crafty small business, The Craft Fantastic!

Me and Dene (my fellow podcast co-host and one of my best friends) have been wanting a guest for the podcast for the past few episodes and it was great to have Jenni as our first guest. It was interesting getting used to three people talking as it’s been a habit for me and dene to talk between ourselves as you will find out when you listen to episode 11, when it’s live!

With Jenni, we recorded episode 11 and 12. It was perfecting timing for having Jenni as Dene had went to Prague recently to a book binding course which he is learning at the moment and Jenni does book binding so those had a good conversation about that throughout the recording sessions.

After we recorded episode 11 & 12 we went out for dinner at Brooklyn Pizza in Northampton which wasn’t far away from Denes place!

We do have 2 other guests planned in the future for the Bonfire Banter podcast, but more about that closer to the time.

There has been a delay with episode 10, but should be live soon!

If follow Bonfirecherry on social media & regularly visit this site, The Craft Fantastic might sound familiar as I’ve been friends with Jenni since 2016 so mention her and her business from time to time. Alongside the Bonfire Banter Podcast,  The Craft Fantastic has been featured in Part 4 of The Craft Fantastic which got published on Sunday, which you can read here!

There has been 4 amazing Cherry Ladies Interviews so far, for reasons that I will get into this post I will be taking a small break from it but expect The Cherry Ladies Interviews to return!



Print wise this week I only got up to working on a commission for a fellow small business, as always it was fun to work on 😊.

Next week you should finally see some new designs from Bonfirecherry! As mentioned at the start of the post the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop will close after Sunday and all new designs will be coming to Bonfirecherry alongside some old favourites such as Camera No.2 tote bags and Daisy (Black & Yellow) A5 Linocut Print.

With the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop closure, there will be a small week or two break from having an online shop so I can focus on the new designs, other projects and update/improve some stuff behind the scenes on this website (can still pay for products privately via Paypal/BAC). Upside to coming back to, you will be able to order the new made to order products through Facebook & Instagram. More about this next week!

Last weekend, it was the Bonfire Banter podcast & The Cherry Ladies Interview. This Sunday I will be attending a networking event in Northampton hosted by Khandie Photography, this name will sound familiar as I interviewed her for the very first of The Cherry Ladies Interviews which you can read here.

I think that’s everything I can think of for this week, thank you very much for reading!


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