The Cherry Post No.135 | Productive

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

It’s been a very productive and fun week but before that, just a reminder at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop will be closing early next month (all new stuff, which will be made to order will be coming to and with that there is a 50% off sale! All orders will receive two free random gifts! CLICK THE BANNER AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE TO BE TAKEN TO THE ETSY SHOP!

With that out of the way, lets start the post!





I start off the post by talking about a trip to town I took on Friday, where I had a lovely and healthy lunch at The Bread And Butter Factory café, found on St Giles Street in Northampton town. I had a lovely beetroot and goats cheese pie with some salad, while sitting opposite the prints I have put in there recently, which design do you prefer the High Heel (Can You Even Walk In Those?) or the Handbag (The Bag That Contains Everything)?

You can only buy these prints in those colours at this wonderful café, where you can eat some wonderful food in a great atmosphere as I believe it’s to support local small businesses.



Speaking of small local businesses, there is a new one that opened in Northampton town recently just up the road from The Bread and Butter Factory called Vintage Guru. Vintage Guru is a new place that brings together vintage items such as clothing, records & house items alongside upcycled and handmade items, all under the same roof.

I briefly checked out Vintage Guru a few weeks ago when I went to town with my mum, but as I wasn’t busy after having lunch at The Bread And Butter Factory, I thought I take a better look around.

If you live in/around Northampton and love vintage/handmade items, Vintage Guru is somewhere you should check out. There is a good set up around the shop, I know a few of the sellers that have got their wonderful items in there that I know will be popular with the shop customers.

After what I’ve been saying, you must be thinking that this will be perfect for Bonfirecherry and you are right. I am planning on putting some Bonfirecherry stock in there soon, just need to sort a few things out first eg new designs and that 😊.

Saturday was also a great day for me, a productive one at that as I was working on a custom project for a returning Bonfirecherry client. I done all the print work I wanted to just outside the Bonfirecherry print shed. It’s always fun to work on big custom projects, in this case it was 50 custom totes. It’s good to get productive and a bit messy.

If I’m not getting messy, I must be doing something wrong!

I know it’s unheard to mention Christmas, this early in the year but as a crafter I have to think things early. A few years ago I produced these Yonko Messenger Christmas cards for Bonfirecherry’s customers and I am thinking of doing them again this year, what do you think? Comment below!

Going back to custom work just for a bit, just after I finished one custom project, I got commissioned for awhile one that at the time I’m writing this I’m still working on so I can’t show too much but it’s another fun one. This time for a crafter I met through Etsy Makers Northants, an Etsy group I was part of for the past year til recently when I left, read more about that here.

Regarding Etsy, as stated at the start of the post I will be closing the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop at the start of next month when new made to order designs become available. I let the tweet above do the talking so I don’t repeat myself. Expect a lot of new designs next month, just wait a few weeks more 😊!



I think the last thing I can talk about is the Bonfire Banter podcast, I’ve been increasing the awareness of the podcast through social media ahead of recording episode 11 this Saturday where we have got our first guest!

The Bonfire Banter Podcast’s first guest is also the same person who I will reveal on Sunday as the 4th amazing lady in The Cherry Ladies Interviews. In other words, this weekend is going to be a fun one!

Episode 10 of the Bonfire Banter Podcast should be live by the weekend.

That’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, thank you very much for reading!


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