The Cherry Post No.134 | This Is Going To Be Awkward.. It's Been Awhile!

The Cherry Post No.134 | This Is Going To Be Awkward.. It's Been Awhile!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

Just as how I started the previous post, lets start by reminding you amazing people that there is a 50% off closing down sale at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop. Click the banner at the moment to be taken to the shop! Any orders will receive TWO FREE RANDOM GIFTS!

With that out of the way, lets start off talking about some printmaking. On Friday I produced this cute dinosaur inspired hand printed small tote bag, this dinosaur is from the large tote bag design “Strange Adventures Vol.1” what do you think of the design?


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Order sent!

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As like all my UK orders, the tote was sent first class with a boomerang video like this!



Was happy to publish the third of The Cherry Ladies Interviews on Sunday with the amazing author, Icy Sedgwick! The Cherry Ladies Interviews just get better and better, if you haven’t read the brand new interview you can read it by seeing the tweet above. It was great having a nice chat with Icy, hope you enjoy the interview just as much as I did producing!

Going on from The Cherry Ladies Interviews, even though I’ve just talked about part 3, I’ve got part 4 finished and ready to be published on Sunday 23rd September!

The same person who will be interviewed in Part 4, is going to be the Bonfire Banter podcasts first guest for when we record episode 11 on Saturday 22nd September which me and Dene (friend and co-host) are looking really forward to!

With the Bonfire Banter podcast, by the time this CP goes live episode 9 is now live on iTunes, The Great Shows & Google Podcasts. You can listen to it on iTunes here or if you haven’t got iTunes you can listen to The Great Shows here (the pre-shows are only available via the The Great Shows).





Episode 9 was an interesting episode as it was the first one we produced where we introduced shoutouts for people such as Joanne from Peri Girls, Maria who runs a dog walking business and take photography and Julia from JMHPhotostories. Got some questions from Julia, Judy Saxton who runs Heart Felt Fancies, Jamie our Bonfire Banter podcast editor and Perfidious Jewellery (see the post and tweet above for their profiles).



From Thursday, for the Bonfire Banter podcast I’ve started to read a book that Dene bought for me to read as homework in a way that relates to the themes around keeping yourself motivation that we talked about in episode 9 and 10 that both of us will talk about in a future episode most likely in a month time.

Something bad, I have to delay the unicorn inspired designs til next month due to some complications that I can’t go into but I can promise you that will be coming as I am super excited to work on them!



Speaking of next month, don’t forget I said that the Camera No.2 tote bags will be coming back!

Well this is awkward… I have ran of stuff to talk about (in previous posts I normally have a lot more to talk about) so that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post!

Thanks for reading!


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