The Cherry Post No.133 | Unicorns & Cameras

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

Just a change to something I’ve been starting the previous few CP’s with. At the end of last week I decided the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop will close when new stock is ready (which will be all made to order) and you will only be able to order them via this site so everything can be found on here so it’s easier for you and easier for me. Along with this upcoming change, the shop on this site can be put on the Bonfirecherry Instagram & Facebook which is cool as you can’t do that with an Etsy shop (well you can on facebook but doesn’t that good).

With that, I’ve decided to make the sale at the Etsy shop a “closing down sale” and gone from 40% OFF to 50% OFF! CLICK THE BANNER AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE TO BE TAKEN TO THE SHOP! ALL CURRENT STOCK MUST GO & WILL RECEIVE TWO FREE RANDOM GIFTS!

I will go more into the new designs later in the post but let’s not get ahead of myself here and I will go back to last Saturday.

Saturday was yet again another interesting Bonfire Banter podcast recording session as we produced episode 9 and 10 at the same time which was fun. Starting from episode 9 we are doing shoutouts at the start and Q&A segment in the middle, as you will find while listening to episode 9 we tried to fit too many questions in the first Q&A segment but worked out the right amount in episode 10.



We are starting to get reviews on iTunes which has made us happy, just a reminder with that if you one of the first five people to leave a review on iTunes will receive a FREE NOTEBOOK made by the co-host Dene. Search Bonfire Banter on iTunes, The Great Shows & Google Podcasts!

As I’m talking about the Bonfire banter podcast, we are planning on doing something special such as a live reaction of a badly dubbed Japanese anime that we might record on video or just audio alone just to see what would happen. If you got any ideas what we could do, please comment below!

Saturday continued to be a good day for me but need to explain a few things first. I passed my driving test at the start of the year but since passing I haven’t had any money to buy myself a car. Well to cut a long story short I have put on the insurance on a fellow family members car that I can use time to time and with that after recording the double Bonfire Banter podcast.

During the week I have been out a few times by myself which I am very proud of myself for doing, it’s helping me boost my confidence.

Something else that I’m guessing used to what I can’t go into, is my new job that is only a few days a week at some interesting times but gives me some excellent time for Bonfirecherry but will hold off too much Bonfirecherry work til I settle in work a lot more.


As mentioned a few times, the brand new designs coming to Bonfirecherry are going to be made to order and around a certain theme. Just in case you missed it, the first theme is going to be unicorns!


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Atmos or Cavendish???

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This week I have been working on a new tote bag design inspired by a unicorn which has been voted by you between two names I couldn’t decide on is… Atmos the unicorn! I hope to have this design available sometime this month.



Going on from tote bags, along with a new design I will be bringing back a classic and popular  Bonfirecherry design aka the Camera No.2 tote bags which I constantly get requests for! This time they will be made  to order so every one you order will get me in the print shed a lot more and makes your item unique!

Problems with it as I’ve lost the front piece of lino for the tote bag design so need to re-do the front as still got the back. I will reveal more about it closer to the time that they will be available.



On Thursday I met up with Dene aka friend and co-host of the Bonfire Banter podcast at The Plump Partridge. Due to some complications I was there for awhile waiting for him haha. Well no better place to wait for someone than at a small local business :).



When he arrived he bought himself and me some lunch (pictured above, we will talk about my lunch in possibly the pre-show for episode 11) and gave me a book.

The book he gave me was “Getting Things Done: How To Achieve Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen (as shown in the main pic for this post). The reason for the gift from Dene is because of the Bonfire Banter podcast. As you will find out in episode 9 and 10 we are going to be talking about keeping momentum in your business and Dene thought for a homework for the both of us to read the book (give us a month or so to read through it) to see what we learn etc. I probably show me going through the book via Bonfirecherry Instagram stories which I have been using a lot of recently before talking about it in a future podcast episode.

Before I finish this post, just a reminder and an update. This Sunday Part 3 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews will be published which will be with an author and I have got Part 4 in the works!

I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, thanks for reading!


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