The Cherry Post No.132 | Bye Bye Etsy??

The Cherry Post No.132 | Bye Bye Etsy??

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As I’ve started the previous cherry posts, before I start just a reminder that at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop I have reduced all current stock by 40%, any orders will receive TWO FREE RANDOM GIFTS! CLICK THE BANNER AT THE TOP TO BE TAKEN TO THE SHOP!

With that out of the way, I will start off saying that things are finally improving for Bonfirecherry behind the scenes and with that you will see new stock coming sometime towards the end of September. All new stuff will be made to order so you will see Bonfirecherry do a lot more printing which due to stuff going on behind the scenes I wasn’t able to do. As said before, all products from next month will based around a theme that is popular at the moment but more about that closer to the time.



Saturday was a fun day as I started off by having a lovely veggie breakfast at The Plump Partridge, which can be found on the market square in Northampton town with a wonderful white hot chocolate because I like supporting local small businesses. I was also there to check up on the new print I put in there on Friday, this might look familiar as it’s a two tone version of a design I submitted to Abington Park Museum’s Art In The Park. I thought I add it to the Plump Partridge because it stands out, comment yes below if you agree.





Later on Saturday, Me and Dene produced episode 8 of the Bonfire Banter podcast where talked about Trends and Research. We were sitting down again to record the episode instead of standing up which we experimented with for episode 7 and found it alright. We are slowly improving on each episode, well me and Dene are new to this so of course we would be, such as partly going off notes we have produced and the rest going off what we could think of at the time. Something that is cool, we have now got an editor for the podcast.You can listen to episode 8 here on The Great Shows but can also been found on iTunes & Google Podcasts

Tomorrow (Saturday) Me and Dene will producing episode 9 of the Bonfire Banter podcast where will be talking about into building momentum in your business and other some other interesting subjects. From that episode we will be adding a shoutout + Q&A segment to improve the number of people who listen to the podcast via The Great Shows, iTunes and Google Podcast. Want a shoutout or got a question for the podcast? Tweet @BonfireBanter or email!



On Sunday, part 2 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews was published where I have a chat with Hannah Johnson from Daisy Media, whom I’ve been friends with on Twitter for a few years who runs a small business and a craft business which you can read here.

I’ve even got part 3 ready to be published, well around Sunday to Tuesday part 3 was temporary live for a reason I won’t go into but it will properly get published and advertised on 9th September. All I can say it’s going to be with an wonderful author, you will love it as much as you love part 1 & 2!

Before I finish this short Cherry Post, I thought I continue talking about something I mentioned at the start regarding new designs. As mentioned when I get around to producing new designs, they will all be made to order. With this change I have been thinking of another change, time to time I have ran a shop here on alongside my Etsy shop which diverts traffic in 2 different directions. To make it easier for myself and Bonfirecherry’s customers I have been thinking of closing the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop and just have everything here on this site.

Downside to this, is losing the chance of getting sales from Etsy but due to the sites constant changes to it’s algorithm’s which makes it harder for sellers to get their products noticed. I think I mentioned in the recent Etsy Makers Northants workshop that we as Etsy sellers are now selling to machines first and then the customers. I be honest because of this constant change to the listings sellers have to make it doesn’t help me a lot, most of my traffic I get from social media such as twitter where I have the most following (18.k followers). Going back to Etsy Makers Northants for a second, something that has held me back from leaving Etsy was becoming part of the group that now I’ve left the group due to reason I’ve only hinted at in previous cherry posts and a statement (again for obvious reasons I won’t fully go into why I left), that’s not holding me back anymore.

Pros to the change is that I can focus traffic via social media all to one site, upside of Shopify aka the site provider I use is that I can link the shop to the Bonfirecherry Instagram and Facebook.

Didn’t plan to write the pros and con’s but it’s kind of made up my mind which I had no intention in doing while writing this post haha.. well I suppose it’s helped to make this post a bit longer haha



On Wednesday I’ve discovered that you can request to get your Instagram account verified eg get the blue tick. Have tried the same with twitter over the years but its only been this year that I got a business email (eg & but that is linked to me and Dene) due to all the times I’ve tried I failed and only found out you need a business email which I have now got but Twitter have closed their verification form back in February and it’s let to be open again so trying with Instagram.

I think that’s everything for this week, thanks for reading!


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