The Cherry Post No.131 | The Khandie Effect

The Cherry Post No.131 | The Khandie Effect

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

As usual before I start, just a reminder that the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop there is a big 40% off sale where all current products have been reduced to their lowest prices & any orders will receive TWO FREE RANDOM GIFTS, HOW COOL IS THAT?! Click the banner at the top of the page to be taken to the shop.

With that out of the way, lets start the post!

I start off talking about Khandie Photography again (why not, she is amazing which you can find why by checking out the first of the Cherry ladies Interviews I did with her here), she is a popular customer of Bonfirecherry and on Friday I received an order from her. For the past few orders from Khandie, I have personally delivered the order through her order in person and it was the same this time around. But this time around, after I dropped the order through the door I got a message from Khandie saying I should have knocked and she would have made me a coffee which was nice.



At this point when I received the message I was between her house and a Starbucks so we decided to meet up there. It was nice to meet up with Khandie in person, as it often is when I meet my customers face to face. We chatted for quite some time, she has been a fan of Bonfirecherry for awhile now and from the Cherry Ladies Interviews and the meet-up I have become a fan of her work in return, in a friendly and professional way of course.

One of the things that I can’t get out of my head is something she said “Hello boys, I’m Khandie!” when she was talking about something haha.

Maybe we will need to do a Bonfirecherry x Khandie Photography collab in the future? Have to wait and see!


With my mum at @thebreadandbutterfactory having a drink

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Moving onto the weekend, I started it off by having a visit to town with my mum where we had a drink at The Bread and Butter Factory to check up on my print and show my mum it. Always good to support local small businesses.

The rest of the weekend was a very productive one that required a lot of hard work because it involved me and the whole household taking part our conservatory and decking (which in the upcoming months will be replaced with a new one). Sadly no pictures to share of that as I don’t want to show too much of my house due to obvious reasons (only showed a few on Instagram & Facebook stories which disappear after a day).

For regular Cherry Post readers, for the past few weeks I have been showing off some mounted and framed linocut prints alongside a limited edition version of “Don’t Touch That Lily” but never revealed what it was for.

Well I can now reveal what they are for!



The day of this Cherry Post getting published (Friday), a brand new free from shop in Rushden (Northamptonshire) called Free From Pantry is now open which has these wonderful & unique mounted/framed linocut print in which you can only buy there (the ones in the top picture)!

Comment below with which print out of the three you like!

It’s a new experience for Bonfirecherry to have them in a food shop compared to the cafes (eg The Bread and Butter Factory & The Plump Partridge) so looking forward to seeing what will happen. You can find out more about Free From Pantry here!


What do you think of the new Bonfire Banter podcast logo?

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Something I’ve been working on for the past week or so privately is a new and permanent logo for the Bonfire Banter podcast. On Tuesday I showed 4 different logos Ive been working on to Dene (the co-host) and everyone on social media and everyone gave the same answer to what the logo should be. What do you think of the new logo?

Going on from the podcast, we will be recording episode 8 this Saturday instead of Sunday. Slight change the day as I’ve got myself a new part time job  (to cut a long story short, I’ve been unemployed somewhat the past few months which explains why I haven’t got a lot of Bonfirecherry related stuff due to funding) so expect some things to happen towards the end of September after I have got used to everything else.

Don’t forget you have a listen to the Bonfire Banter Podcast here at TheGreatShows (for pc & mobile users), If you have got iTunes you can listen and if you are one of the first five people to leave a review you will receive a FREE NOTEBOOK (of course tell us to left us a review by emailing and you can find Bonfire Banter on Google Podcasts!

Going on from talking about The Cherry Ladies Interviews that I mentioned at the start of the post, I have decided to end the post talking about it. Part 2 will be published on Sunday and all I can is it’s with a crafter/small business owner, even got part 3 with an author in the works too!

With that, I think that’s everything for this weeks Cherry Post!

Thank you for reading!


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