The Cherry Post No.130 | Creative Friends

The Cherry Post No.130 | Creative Friends

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

Before I go into what Bonfirecherry has got up to this week, don’t forget at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop there is a 40% off sale where I have reduced all my current stock to it’s lowest price PLUS ALL ORDERS WILL RECEIVE TWO FREE RANDOM GIFTS. ALL CURRENT STOCK MUST GO TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW DESIGNS. Click the banner at the top of the page to be taken to the Etsy shop, note that Etsy on 19th + 26th August the site might not be working.

Anyway with that out of the way, let’s start the post!


I will start by talking about something non-Bonfirecherry related, due to the Bonfirecherry livestreams I produced last week that I wanted to do another one but wasn’t sure what to do and I was debating about watching a film so done a poll on social media to decide and then used periscope to record my reaction to Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Watch the reaction/livestream above.

On Saturday I received some good news that I won’t share just yet.



I was happy on Sunday to publish part 1 of The Cherry Ladies Interviews, the first of many interviews with some amazing and talented ladies who are friends/connected with Bonfirecherry. For the first, I had a chat with the amazing Khandie Photography, you can read the interview here.



I had to go into town Sunday morning for some shopping, while I was there I made sure to pop into The Plump Partridge to have a quick drink & to check up on the Northampton Train Station inspired linocut print that I’ve got mounted & framed at this wonderful Northampton café. This print might be switched over with another Northampton inspired design soon.


Before, during and after the recording of the #Bonfirebanter #podcast

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Sunday continued to be a great day as I recorded episode 7 of the Bonfire Banter podcast with my friend & co-host Dene. This time around we talked about our experiences and opinions on criticism & bad feedback. Something which was different for this episode, was that me and dene were standing up for a change!

Before we recorded episode 7, we had a pre-show where me and Dene talked cereal to DC/Marvel films which you can have a listen to here.

Click here to listen the Bonfire Banter podcast on iTunes or here if you haven’t got iTunes.


Last week I showed off a new version of the Bonfirecherry linocut design “Don’t Touch That, Lily” that I produced for a new business that is opening next Friday, it accidentally got damaged so I done to do a re-print of it and I personally like this version better (see the top image).



I finally got all 3 prints mounted and framed ready for the Free from shop that is opening soon. Which design is your favourite?


Three bags of rubbish from cleaning the print shed, phew!

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Finally got around to cleaning the Bonfirecherry print shed, due to the heat we have had in the UK we had for quite sometime, made the shed out of order because the heat turned it into a furnace. Took awhile and three bags of rubbish later the shed is back to how it was a few months ago. I hope to do some livestreams again in the shed, have to wait and see!

There is some bad news this week, due to some recent developments relating to the good news I mentioned earlier, I’ve had to cancel the only upcoming event/fair that Bonfirecherry was going to attend. With that I’ve removed the section from the front page of and will add it back when I announce something which I hope to do soon.




 I had a lovely day out with my mum and her two creative friends to Beckworth Emporium and Vintage Retreat on Wednesday. My mum’s creative friends are the only two people part from my grandparents that like art and creative like me so that was creative, one of my mums creative friends she does amazing fairy art and done a very detailed drawing of my aunty last year as a present which was amazing, I would love to interview her for the Cherry Ladies Interviews.



The other friend is in fact my best friends mum (there is a story behind on how me and my friend Suki became best friends but that’s for another time), when she has her free time she does jewellery to painting on furniture. She is probably one of the most smartest people I know, she’s got the qualifications to prove it. Soon I will be helping her with her social media presence and set her up a website which I am looking forward to doing. Quite sometime ago I mentioned that I might combine Bonfirecherry with someone and this was that person, maybe that might still happen in the future?



Yesterday (Thursday) I decided to do a random Q&A over at the Bonfirecherry Instagram using stories again, I’ve been using stories on Instagram and Facebook quite a lot this week.

I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, thank you very much for reading!


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