The Cherry Post No.129 | Dance! Dance! Dance!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post, it’s sure been a productive and creative week!

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With that out of the way, let’s start the post!



On Friday after some shopping I visited The Bread and Butter Factory, a small Northampton based café to have something to eat. This wonderful cafe has some framed Bonfirecherry linocut prints that I supplied awhile ago and during the next few days I will be changing the “Can You Even Walk In Those” to a different colour and the “Tea Time” to the handbag inspired design “The Bag That Contains Everything”. Of course I will share the pics of that when I do the change around!

It’s always good to support small local businesses and that’s why you can only buy framed Bonfirecherry linocut prints from cafes such as The Bread and Butter Factory, you can find out more about the business here.



To go on what I’ve just said, there is a new café opening soon in Northamptonshire (the county I live in) and they have asked me to supply some art work which made me happy. With that, on Saturday I got around to do some printing again outside to produce a new version of a Bonfirecherry design called “Don’t Touch That, Lily!” which was great to do.


Which design do you like out of the two?

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By request of the café owner I mounted and framed the Japanese Packaging inspired design “Strawberry Milkshake” and another version of the “Tea Time” design. Out of the two. Which do you prefer?

Between Friday and the weekend I announced two special things, the first was some social media livestreams on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which I was planning on doing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The second thing I announced was a brand new series of blog interviews here at, the previous series was Printmakers Unite where I interviewed fellow linocut printmakers which I may continue in the future but I leave that to another time. The brand new series of blog interviews is going to be called The Cherry Ladies Interviews, which involves chatting to wonderful, creative and female crafters, graphic designers, writers and photographers who are connected to Bonfirecherry such as being customers or just like to support my work etc

The Cherry Ladies Interviews already is going to be longer than Printmakers Unite which had 3 parts, these interviews will 8+ parts. Part 1 will be published on Sunday and it’s going to be with a beautiful and talented photographer that I am honoured to have a chat with. As ive got part 2 and 3 nearly finished I have thought on how the Cherry Ladies interviews is going to be published.

The Cherry Post will be published on Friday as normal.

On Sundays now there will either be a brand new episode of the Bonfire Banter podcast or a new Cherry Ladies interviews with the interviews being published every two weeks.

This Sunday Part 1 of the Cherry Ladies Interviews be published, when Me and Dene are recording episode 7 of the Bonfire Banter podcast which was planned to be recorded last Sunday but me and Dene have been doing a bit of planning on what we are going to be talking about in future episodes. Dene normally takes a few days to edit and is usually published by Sunday hence why I’m making the last day of the week now a special day.



I started the week off by doing some random dancing in the garden, I uploaded one video of yours truly dancing to announce the livestream I had planned for Monday evening on Instagram. To cut a long story short, despite the amazing bad dancing the livestream was a disaster so cancelled it early.



Tuesday was a day I was looking forward to, I was planning on doing a livestream on Twitter and like last time I uploaded a video in the morning of yours truly doing some bad dancing again.



The twitter livestream went very well, had 100+ viewers by the end of the livestream which was a lot. During the livestream which you can find above I went over all the upcoming stuff such as mentioned in this post such as The Cherry Ladies Interviews & showed off some Bonfirecherry designs that I produced in the past.



So I didn’t miss Facebook out, I done the third livestream on Wednesday at the Bonfirecherry Facebook Page. Sadly like the FB livestream, just like the Instagram livestream was a disaster despite the video of the amazing dancing + awareness of the livestream.



As I still wanted to do a livestream, I decided to do one again on twitter as the one from the previous night went very well and it went well again. From this experience, I’ve decided just to focus on doing livestreams on Twitter via Periscope and will plan out some in the future.



I returned to The Bread and Butter Factory café in Northampton on Thursday, where I updated the prints I had in there and as promised I said I would take pictures of them and here you go! Of course while I had I something to eat, this time around a yummy Tiger Prawns, Avocado and Mango salad which was a special.

I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, Thanks for reading!


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