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Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

Before I go into what Bonfirecherry has been up to this week, just thought I remind you all that at the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop there is a 40% sale where I have reduced all the products to their lowest prices PLUS any Etsy orders will receive TWO, YES TWO FREE RANDOM GIFTS. What’s not to love about that? Check out the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop by clicking on the banner at the top of the page!

With that out of the way, let’s start the post!

I start off talking about #BCCornwall or well in this case #BCDevon as last Friday we spent most of the time in Devon instead of Cornwall. It was sunny and  wonderful all week but when it came to Friday, it decided to rain and it was bad for me as I forgot to bring a coat as I thought it be wonderful all week as it’s been hot for ages here in the UK.


Just because it was old, I thought I give it a try

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These looked good but was not working!

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It was funny in a way that of all the days for it to be sunny, the day we travel to Teignmouth a Devon seaside town it was raining but it didn’t ruin the day. We walked to Teignmouth pier (half of which was closed for reasons I don’t know) to the amusement arcade where I discovered some proper retro arcade machines are shown above, honestly found them the most interesting in the whole arcade and only two of them was working (at 20p each) so had to try them out. The first one I tried was an Automatic Palmistry machine, I confess I don’t really believe this sort stuff but at 20p I had nothing to lose, there was another fortune telling machine called Human Analyst but sadly wasn’t working which was a shame as it was a really good machine. The other machine I tried out was the Love Match machine which was 10p ago and it determined I was...a wimp haha the other two classic machines they had was an old gun game and a puppet show. To my followers who live in/near any UK seaside towns, do any of your arcades still got any classic/retro arcade machines? If so, comment below as I would like to know!

Afterwards we walked around Teignmouth for a bit before having something to eat and drink before we headed back to Cornwall, there was some interesting closed old shops around the town that I found interesting.

The rest of the pictures from yesterday 🙂

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When I was playing pool with my uncle yesterday.

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On the way back to Cornwall we cut through Dartmoor National park again where we had a short break at a  a short break at an old typical British pub, which sadly are starting to fade away in this day and age. Had a few days of pool with my uncle which was good.


Time to wait for the train to Birmingham new street then home

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On Saturday we travelled back from Liskeard (Cornwall) to home (Northampton), it still took about five hours to get home but thankfully it took two trains to get back instead of the three we had to take to get down, this time it was Liskeard to Birmingham New Street to Northampton (to get there it was Northampton to Birmingham New Street to Plymouth to Liskeard). I made sure to open the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop when I got home and just chilled the rest of the day.



Episode 6 of the Bonfire Banter podcast was recorded on Sunday after we originally had to plan to do it the previous Sunday. As mentioned before, I nominated the subjects in the previous episodes of the podcast and ran out of ideas for now so let Dene aka the co-host of the Bonfire Banter podcast to decide on what we should talk about this time. Dene choose something really interesting and important subjects such as how to find your business market, SEO & other informative stuff that you will have to listen to episode 6 is realised.

Of course as always alongside the interesting/important stuff we talked about in the episode, we had some laughs such as one point we were talking about plastic chairs for awhile, you will have to wait to listen to the episode to find out why but it was pretty fun.


Just finished recording episode 6 of the Bonfire Banter podcast!

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Just I’m close to finishing off writing this post, Dene has just published episode 6 of the Bonfire Banter podcast! You can have a listen here.



If you have been following Bonfirecherry on Instagram, you would have noticed that I have been using Instagram stories a lot more and have been getting a lot of good feedback from them.

Something I announced on Monday was Bonfirecherry’s departure from Etsy Makers Northants, which might sound random after talking about the team since the start of 2017. I made a statement blog post which you can find here, I have been debating the past few days if I should go more into why as I was the one who decided to leave, I didn’t get kicked out of the team. The only thing I will say extra about it is that some stuff went on (mainly down to two members of the team whom I won’t name) that effected the relationship between one of the members who is a friend of mine and the team which made me no longer wanting to stay in the team so decided to leave and make the announcement, that’s about it on that and I won’t go into it anymore.



On Tuesday I went to a craft night at Heathers Cafe in Northampton which was nice. I took the time to draw some ideas inspired by Cornwall that might be used in the future.

Got around to do some linocut printmaking this week (as seen in the picture for this post), something I haven’t done in many weeks. It was a last minute idea to produce a thank you card for a family member.

As explained a few times before, a lot of stuff is going on in my personal life that has temporary stopped me from doing any printmaking and I want to do some new designs in the future but need to clear out my current stock hence the sale mentioned at the very start of the post. Any sales of that will help support new designs, all of which will be made to order so you will see Bonfirecherry do a lot of printmaking towards the end of 2018.

With that, I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post!

Thanks for reading and be sure to give episode 6 of the Bonfire Banter podcast a listen!


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