The Cherry Post No.126 | The Next Big Change

The Cherry Post No.126 | The Next Big Change

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post!

Compared to last week and what’s going to happen next week this CP will be a bit short but there is still a fair bit to talk about.


I start the post off by talking about the Bonfire Banter podcast aka the podcast I produce with my friend/co-host Dene where we talk about all subjects relating to crafts and business. The most recent episode (5), we talked about starting an small online craft business in this day and age is now live via Itunes and if you don’t have iTunes if you click the announcement banner at the top of the page you be attended to the Great Shows where you will find all the episodes up to now, plus a “pre-show” a small segment we recorded before episode 5 where we talked about breakfast & Alan Moore.

Check them out, if you got any suggestions what you want us to talk about you can email me and dene at!
This Sunday we will be recording episode 6 before my short break (which I will go more into later into the post). The subjects we talked about the past few episodes was mostly my ideas, this time I have left it to my wonderful friend and co-host so it be rather interesting with what he will pick for the subject this time!




Question no.2! Ask a question by seeing my story!

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During the week, over at the Bonfirecherry Instagram I learnt you ask questions via the stories option on the app and with that I thought I try to do a random Q&A to see what would happen. Didn’t get as much reactions as I hoped but it was random, so I know for next time to spread the word about it ahead of time.



Most of this week I’ve been spreading the word of the 40% off sale I’ve got the Bonfirecherry Etsy shop at the moment. I’ve reduced all current stock to their lowest prices (current is often reduced to at least 20% at most but never 40%) so more or less giving them away & you will receive TWO FREE RANDOM GIFTS WITH ANY ETSY ORDER!
How cool is that?!
Check out the Etsy shop by clicking on on the link in the top menu!

WHEN Bonfirecherry sells out of its current designs, as explained before there will be some big changes such as starting from scratch doing products around the same theme and ALL ETSY SHOP PRODUCTS WILL BE MADE TO ORDER. I will only mass produce products for fairs, this is a decision that will help cut down unwanted stock etc, I will explain more closer to the time.

Saying that, the Etsy shop will be closed after this Saturday and re-open next Sunday as Bonfirecherry will be going on a short break to Cornwall!
I haven’t been to Cornwall in about 2/3 years and got so much inspiration from there such as the idea for the popular 2015 linocut print design “Mevagissey” so curious what inspiration for designs I will get this time around. Like all my trips away, you will be able to find pics I take during Tuesday to Saturday next week with #BCCornwall when I upload them onto social media, which I will talk about in next weeks Cherry Post.
Also in next week’s Cherry Post I will be talking about the busy 3 days I’m going to have before the trip to Cornwall!

On Saturday I will be attending an Etsy Makers Northants workshop at The Emporium in Nene Court Shopping Village, Wellingborough Northampton. I will reveal one in social media posts on the day and in next weeks Cherry Post.
As mentioned earlier, me and Dene will be producing episode 6 of the Bonfire Banter podcast on Sunday.
Then on Monday afternoon, I will be meeting up with the Etsy Makers Northants group again for a meet up in Northampton at HQ of the small business, Magnificent Makes!



I thought I end the post off talking about a special offer I’ve got on, if you are a fan of photography you will love this!
For a limited time only, I will be accepting commissions for the classic and popular Bonfirecherry linocut print Camera No.2 in Black, Red, Blue or Yellow at £10 +P&P instead of £17+P&P!* Contact Bonfirecherry for more info!

I think that’s everything for this week, thank you very much for checking out the post the view and any comment you leave will truly mean a lot.


*note: All Camera No.2 prints will be produced on 80sm white paper.


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