The Cherry Post No.124 | Preparation

The Cherry Post No.124 | Preparation

Hello all to this week’s Cherry Post.

Hey for once, I am not starting off the post talking about the clearance prints, continue to read the post below to find out why among what I’ve been up to this week & what changes are coming to Bonfirecherry.



Lets start the post started by talking about the Bonfire Banter podcast that me and my friend/co-host produce, finally got around to producing episode 4!

As hinted in previous cherry posts, things have been changing a lot recently for me and because of that I’ve had to delay the podcast by a few weeks and I think things are slowly getting back to a normal level that you won’t have to so long for each episode. Going on from that, Dene has been working on a few things for the podcast recently which involves working on a cool intro and outro to each episodes that you will hear from episode 4.

In episode 4, I talked about the princes trust workshop I went on awhile ago, it was fun to go through everything I learnt from that wonderful workshop which I can really only describe as informative, you lot will be the first to know when it’s live via this website & social media!

Episode 5 will be produced this Sunday and this time around the subject will be about what it’s like starting a small business in this day and age such as starting with a facebook page etc. For any small business owners, how did you start your business?

Going on from the Prince’s Trust, I had a 1-2-1 meeting with an advisor which went very well. I learnt a lot of things like where I’ve been going wrong and with that there is going to be some changes some of which I will go into further in this post.

For most of the week, I’ve been making sure everything is ready for the craft fair this Saturday/tomorrow at Abington Park Museum aka one of my favourite places to do fairs which I have most likely said a few times, with that I’ve gave all the fabric products Ive got ready for sale for the fair ironed such as the totes, drawstring bags, tea towels, knot-wrap and t-shirts.


Damn need a new marker pen to finish it off

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With that out of the way, if you remember a few months ago that I purchased a big easel for about £2/£3 at a car boot (which was a bargain!). I planned to use it for a big print but haven’t got one big enough so thought “why not do a big sign?” I decided to use what I’ve around the shed and house to produce an A2 size sign to say about Bonfirecherry and the price list. Here is the unfinished sign above, I’m not able to finish it off til Friday (aka today) so you will have to wait and see tomorrow or next week to see pics of the finished sign at the fair!

That’s all what Bonfirecherry has been up to this week out of the way, lets go into some changes to Bonfirecherry that will be coming soon

  • Despite Bonfirecherry being over 5 years old. I am more or less going to starting from scratch with “themes” such as I’m going to remove the old designs off and nearly all of my current products and to start off doing a “Photography” theme with a selection of Bonfirecherry different designs that is inspired by Photography such as prints, tote bags, badges and knot-wrap etc then add more as I go along.
  • ¾ of my customers/audience are female and yet I don’t do a lot of “feminine” designs so I will make sure I do a lot more with my take on them soon

I think that’s everything I can go into and can talk about for this post, thanks for reading!


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