The Cherry Post No.123 | Making A Comeback!

The Cherry Post No.123 | Making A Comeback!

Hello all to this week’s Cherry post

It’s a return to a normal cherry post where I go into what Bonfirecherry has been up to the past 7 days.

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With that out of the way, lets start this post!

Well lets go all the way back to last Friday, normally the cherry post is completed by Thursday evening and ready to be published by 6am on Friday BUT at home we use Sky broadband and on late Thursday evening there was an accident somewhere which knocked off all the internet for Northampton and it’s surrounding counties which didn’t get fixed til around 3pm on Friday which was a huge pain, not as annoying for any businesses that relied on the internet. So because of that I had to delay publishing the double cherry post til 6pm. Still Friday which is still good, just bugged me as I wasn’t able to finish the cherry post on Thursday due to coming back late from the Etsy meet-up so had to wait til early Friday morning and in the end releasing it 12 hours later which I never had to do in all of the 2+ years I’ve been writing the cherry post.




Going on from last week’s Cherry Post I talked about bringing back the classic Bonfirecherry design “Camera No.2” which I will do next month, during the weekend I done some livestreams (like last week I done them 3 different times for facebook/twitter/Instagram) talking about what I’ve got planned & upcoming events. Check them above.

What’s your favourite colour?

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What is your favourite colour in the design?

I’ve got a one to one meeting with the Princes Trust so during the week I have been planning a few things with Bonfirecherry. From next week I will be getting closer and close to the possible chance of getting a grant & running self-employed. Ive got so much planned with what I want to take Bonfirecherry further.

Going on from that, I mentioned weeks ago that Bonfirecherry was likely going to go on a hiatus but can confirm now that isn’t going to happen now. A new change to my life this week is that I have found a Monday to Friday job where I can work 6am to 2pm, a temporary thing at the moment til I can go further with the Prince’s Trust.

With all the stuff what’s been going on, I had to put somethings on the back burner for awhile and one of the things was the Bonfire Banter podcast...BUT GOOD NEWS, on Sunday I will be recording episode 4 of the podcast and my co-host/friend Dene has been working on having the podcast available on iTunes too!

One of the things I will be talking about in episode 4 is the Prince’s trust workshop that I attended many weeks ago among other things, you will have to wait and see!

Click the banner at the top of the page to find episodes 1 to 3!

Got any suggestions Me & Dene can talk about in episode 4? Email

I think that’s everything for this week’s Cherry Post, a bit short compared to the previous posts hey? Hope to have a lot more to talk about next week but will have to wait and see!

Thanks for reading!


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